Skyrim Realistic Texture Overhaul Clouds by Frozunswaidon
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Added: 19/07/2014 - 06:55PM
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-I want to thank you all for supporting me and sending donations.
it's horrible when people think modders who put 100's if not 1000 of hours doesn't deserve compensation.
It has been depressing reading some of those horrible texts on my pages and on other sites on the net. But hey, I ain't one thinking that a bad apple spoils the whole bunch. :)


Realistic Clouds will replace all vanilla clouds and look as photorealistic as possible,
This mod is neither using meshes nor esp/esm files and is only using a texture. Which means this mod doesn't have any incompatibility issues and will always work with all mods out there.


I wasn't happy about the sky textures Skyrim had.
So I decided to make all the textures high quality and lore friendly with a realistic look.

Many other modders forget to optimize their textures causing unnecessary Vram loss.
Some even don't know how to make alphas/normal maps at all.
Some textures looks repeatable which is not good either.

This is where this mod comes in.
Quality made textures with both 1k and 2k textures.

This mod gives you:

Completely new realistic clouds for a realistic Skyrim.


compatible with:
Real clouds
PURE Weather

Dramatic clouds
other cloud Texture replacers


Use NMM or extract to data folder.


Recommended mods:

Permission :

Ask me for permission to upload or change textures.