Rochester Overhaul by TwiggyShip
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Added: 18/07/2014 - 02:42PM
Updated: 16/08/2014 - 09:22PM

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Last updated at 21:22, 16 Aug 2014 Uploaded at 14:42, 18 Jul 2014

This mod is very much a Work In Progress.

The aim of this mod is to overhaul breti's work and bring Rochester to life by fleshing out the existing content with clutter, buildings, revised functions, interiors, dialogue, quests, AI and over all bring a sense of real life to a great mod that currently feels a little bare-bones.


WIP Progress (16/8/14):

This is a comprehensive list of everything that you will find in the newest version of the file.
- Added interior cells for Castle Barracks (NW corner of bailey, by the stables), Castle Kitchens and Servants Quarters (door located under the kitchen stairs)

- Added full AI packages for all guards - the guards by Town Guard barracks go to sleep in there (planned to include the one on the round tower when I get my head around navmeshing that), whereas the ones on top of the Castle barracks, gatehouse and in the gatehouse go into the Castle Barracks to sleep. The guard in the portcullis room still sleeps there.

- Added one more guard above the Castle Barracks.

- Added a chef (Cook Gertrude) to the Kitchens. She wakes at 6, has breakfast till 8, works in the kitchen till 8pm, has dinner and then sleeps in the Servants Quarters.

- Added a servant (Ranald) to the Kitchens. Follows the same pattern as Gertrude but sweeps instead of cooks.

- Polished up exterior around the kitchens, added more plants to the area.

- Minor cell name corrections.

- Expanded bailey navmeshing (along the walls).


Plans for 0.05:

- Full guard complement in the bailey (this includes on top and inside the North Road Gatehouse, and patrols along the walls).

- Full interior for Feasting Hall located in the centre of the bailey.

- Full interior for Servants Quarters located on bottom level of Feasting Hall.

- Servant NPCs for feasting hall (package plan includes wake up, breakfast, prepare hall, collect food from kitchen, deliver to table, wait on guests, retire to dinner and bed).

- Castle Constable NPC for Castle Barracks (second stage in planned Join The Guard questline in which the player would interact and receive missions from Constable upon graduating from Town Guard to Castle Guard).

- Complete Town Guard Recruitment interior

- NPCs for Town Guard Recruitment Interior Cell