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You can milk the goat now, proper recipes for the butter churn and the planter has been replaced on the patio.
:: Axes for sale at smithy
:: Tomatoes will disappear when harvested
:: Your horse will stay in the stable
:: Rebuilt ALL twelve exterior cell navmeshes - to address issues
IF you have a previous version and now the carriage driver won't speak to you, starting a new game will fix that.

Offers TWO versions! One with custom music / one without
NEW awesome containers for your smithing materials!  - suggested by Serevanth
Increased FPS in player home - more efficient scripting!
Adds Carriage system to SeaPoint! Go to any of the major Holds!
Fixes small issues with garden plants / container mix-ups
Adds removable torches to patio, Inn and unloading dock! -suggested by Serevanth

With Custom Music - ** instructions
Open zip file and copy .bsa, .esp AND MUSIC FOLDER to your DATA folder.

** Credit for Towel models with Rack and Bed blanket models - Insanity Sorrow
** Credit for Apple Trees and Garlic models - ChickenDownUnder
** Credit for Tableware - Lilith
** Special Thanks to Teabag86 for all the help finding dialogue!
** Special Thanks to Eli - for keeping me going!

:: Chinese and Traditional Chinese Translation Available - thanks to maies2330 ::

** Version 2.032 ** - See change log
** Version 2.01 ** - See change log
Video - Courtesy of the incredibly talented hodilton
Music - Courtesy of the magnificent Nir Shor

SeaPoint Settlement is a wonderful little settlement, with friendly people that includes:

• SeaPoint Bakery
• SeaFarer Inn
• SeaHorse Stables and Smithy
• The Treasure Chest - general store
• Ye Olde Sea Hag - apothecary
• SeaPoint Lighthouse
• SeaPoint Fishery
• Two weekly rotations of market vendors
• Two master trainers
• SeaView Lodge - player's home that can be purchased and furnished


• Skyrim up to date
• Hearthfires DLC


• The Khajiit Caravan visit SeaPoint Settlement on a regular basis
• New recipes: Make your own Honey Nut Treats, with Pine Nuts!
• Make your own Butter, Cream and Cheeses
• Milk your goat - collect your chicken eggs - plant your huge garden
• Gain the villagers favour: Sell firewood and harvestables
• Buy a named horse - Avalanche, the horse WITH SHOES!
• Tons of attention to detail, highly unique overall feel to the mod
• Meticulously tested and cleaned, this mod is squeaky clean and safe to use,
everything is well thought out with high emphasis on perfection


• FrostFall
• Eat, Drink, Sleep and Bathe
• Hearthfires Multiple Adoption Mod
• iNeed (purchase water from the inn)
• Guard Dialogue Overhaul (NPC idle conversation expansion)
• Convenient Horses
• Interesting NPC - Load Order : SeaPoint should come AFTER 3NPC


• You MUST go SEE the house for sale and read the sign, before being able to purchase it.
• The Khajiit can take up to six days to arrive at SeaPoint - it's a long walk from Windhelm!!

If you have TMPhoenix's mod, HearthFires Multiple Adoption Mod - you can adopt 4 children for this home (provided you purchased the children's room): Just use the Bless Home spell when inside the house to make it your home. You are given the option of choosing a guest room for up to 3 companions, which can be changed later upon your request from the person you bought it from - to a children's room. HOWEVER - once you choose a CHILDREN'S ROOM ... THIS CANNOT BE CHANGED BACK TO A GUEST ROOM.


When you purchase the house - IMMEDIATELY purchase the hallway furnishings ... or else the mannequin may be moving when you enter your new home - which can be really creepy. If you purchase the hallway furnishings, when you purchase the house - the mannequin WILL NOT be moving!