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Video - Courtesy of the incredibly talented hodilton
Music - Courtesy of the magnificent Nir Shor

SeaPoint Settlement is a wonderful little settlement, with friendly people that includes:

• SeaPoint Bakery
• SeaFarer Inn
• SeaHorse Stables and Smithy
• The Treasure Chest - general store
• Ye Olde Sea Hag - apothecary
• SeaPoint Lighthouse
• SeaPoint Fishery
• Two weekly rotations of market vendors
• Two market vendors who are master trainers
• SeaView Lodge - player's home that can be purchased and furnished


• Skyrim up to date
• Hearthfires DLC


Offers TWO versions! One with custom music / one without
Alchemy containers with autosort
Containers for your smithing materials!
New recipes: Make your own Honey Nut Treats with new Pine Nuts!
Make your own Butter, Cream and Cheeses
Get milk from your goat - collect your chicken eggs - plant your huge garden
Gain the villagers favour: Sell firewood and harvestables
Buy a named horse - Avalanche, the horse WITH SHOES!
Carriage system in SeaPoint! Go to any of the major Holds!
Removable torches to patio, Inn and unloading dock!
Tons of attention to detail, highly unique overall feel to the mod
Meticulously tested and cleaned, this mod is squeaky clean and safe to use,
everything is well thought out with high emphasis on perfection

With Custom Music - ** instructions
Open zip file and copy .bsa, .esp AND MUSIC FOLDER to your DATA folder.


• FrostFall
• Eat, Drink, Sleep and Bathe
• Hearthfires Multiple Adoption Mod
• iNeed (purchase water from the inn)
• Guard Dialogue Overhaul (NPC idle conversation expansion)
• Convenient Horses
• Interesting NPC - Load Order : SeaPoint should come AFTER 3NPC


• You MUST go SEE the house for sale and read the sign, before being able to purchase it.

If some food/items are no longer in the container you put them in, please look in the other containers. I reset the containers everytime the player enters the home, so containers that get 'knocked over' are placed properly. Sometimes, items get moved to an incorrect container - I consider this minor annoyance worthwhile, because when the containers get 'flipped over' or 'sink into the floor' it can make it impossible to use the containers correctly.

** Credit for Towel models with Rack and Bed blanket models - Insanity Sorrow
** Credit for Ingredient jars - Oaristys
** Credit for Apple Trees and Garlic models - ChickenDownUnder
** Credit for Tableware - Lilith
** Special Thanks to Teabag86 for all the help finding dialogue!
** Thanks to Serevanth for suggestions on containers and torches
** Special Thanks to Eli - for keeping me going!

:: Chinese and Traditional Chinese Translation Available - thanks to maies2330 ::

If you have TMPhoenix's mod, HearthFires Multiple Adoption Mod - you can adopt 4 children for this home (provided you purchased the children's room): Just use the Bless Home spell when inside the house to make it your home. You are given the option of choosing a guest room for up to 3 companions, which can be changed later upon your request from the person you bought it from - to a children's room. HOWEVER - once you choose a CHILDREN'S ROOM ... THIS CANNOT BE CHANGED BACK TO A GUEST ROOM.


When you purchase the house - IMMEDIATELY purchase the hallway furnishings ... or else the mannequin may be moving when you enter your new home - which can be really creepy. If you purchase the hallway furnishings, when you purchase the house - the mannequin WILL NOT be moving!