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Added: 17/07/2014 - 12:05PM
Updated: 23/06/2016 - 02:31AM

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Last updated at 2:31, 23 Jun 2016 Uploaded at 12:05, 17 Jul 2014

Hello Again

Even though I am sorry this mod is so buggy...
I can not fix any of its problems
and no I will not update this mod.
I no longer have time to work on mods as I find creating
them is more addictive than Meth, Hammer and Crack combined...
If anybody wants to take up the task of fixing my mod you are quite
welcome to alter and upload your refashioned version of my mod...
I will do no more to it refine it.
I have been eternally disillusioned in my faith of the phrase,
"If you build it they will come".
I actually thought that If I Believed in and trusted my artistic ability,
then read every Creation Kit tutorial I could find online
then watched every Creation Kit tutorial on Youtube
then put in the serious hours of work (At least 180),
I would be able to see the peoples joy in playing my mod
by the number of downloads it received.
How wrong I was.
Maybe the lack of downloads was caused by the fact
that Skyrim mods are starting their inevitable decline in popularity.
Or maybe people just have a different taste in mod styles than me.
I really do not know why.
All I know is that I have found a lot of excellent mods on Nexus
that have very few Downloads and even fewer Endorsements.
I think if you really take the time to use or seriously explore a mod,
you will nearly always find some hidden gem.
Some little piece of the modder left within the mod.
If people only knew how much work
some people put in to creating a mod,
The long nights when a modder just can't get to sleep
and if they do they dream of a bigger better and more realistic Skyrim.
Every time they close their eyes they see a new way to light or orientate that room.
Or trying to focus enough to come up with that perfect line of dialogue
that finally hits you at 1am of your third straight day awake.
Finally falling asleep at the keyboard only to wake up abruptly
and closing the Creation Kit and saying no to "Do you wish to Save?"
Then realizing the next day and having to redo a whole nights worth of work.
See some people really put in the hard yards when making a mod
and you can usually tell a fairly decent mod from a poor one by the number,
artistry and effort the modder has put in to their uploaded images or videos.
Having said all this I must reiterate,
I can no longer mod for Skyrim.
It has absorbed so much of my life already.
I do not wish to waste any more time on mods
that do not appeal to nor satisfy anyone but me.
I only ask that you download and try this mod.
Really look around in the mod.
There's some personal detail in the mod that may allude you at first,
but if you keep an eye out you just might see some.
If you are not satisfied let me know in a post.
Who knows though?
You might like it.
If you do find that you do want to keep my mod...
Then for the love of Bob...

This is my new mod "Nevah's Rest".
I made this mod because I was sick of not seeing many
player home mods near or next to waterfalls.
I wanted a player home but I wanted it to be a functioning Pub as well.
It has everything you could want except for an Alchemists lab.
There is an outdoor Kitchen (With functioning Barman) and sitting area.
There are two Barmen and an armorer trader.
I have also hidden another cell under (to the side) of the waterfall.
Within the cell is a lot of Weapon displays, a few mannequins
and a sleeping and bathing area...

How to find it...

A courier should deliver a message to you explaining how to get there.
If he does not appear make a clean save then leave and enter a town
and he should appear.
Otherwise just look at the Map image above.


There are a few bugs I am trying to sort out.
Such as the Mercenary NPC's not letting you buy their services.
There are also a few Nav Mesh Problems.
This mod is not adoption friendly.

I hope you enjoy my mod as much as I enjoyed making it.