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Added: 16/07/2014 - 10:24PM
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Last updated at 9:53, 23 Jul 2014 Uploaded at 22:24, 16 Jul 2014

New Animals and Fixes is a mod that adds completely new creatures to the game and fixes some of the issues I had with the vanilla animals. Credit for all of the new models and textures goes to 530gothic25 IronMan5000 GendunDrup.

Message to all it may concern like Ironman and Nexus moderators

ive been trying to contact Iron man for some time he has not replied so i am amusing he does not care if i use some of his models. if he wants me to take this mod down than i will do so immediately i will remove all of his work from my mod. Nexus moderators plz dont ban me.

Also compatible with Skytest!!!!!!!!! I recommend having skytest installed with this its amazing.
New animals:
Swamp Troll (doesn't have its own loot)
Skeletal Troll (doesn't have its own loot)
Therium creature from elsewhere (doesn't have its own loot)
Wild Boar (doesn't have its own loot)
Warthog from DB
Wild Dog husky from dawnguard (doesn't have its own loot)
Tree Ent (doesn't have its own loot)
Megaloceros (Giant ice age elk)
Lynx(snowy and spotted)
Cave lion
Giant bears
Dire wolves
red wolves
White Tail deer male+female
Mountain Lion or cougar or puma
Female Caribou
all new creatures have their own loot if one doesn't its on its way
More creatures on the way like fire giants and tigers and leopards and plains lions.
Named the "deer" Caribou
Distinguished between male and female elk name + removed antlers from the female
Made loot more realistic
Made mammoths and giants taller.
Want a creature or a fix post a comment.


530gothic25 as the creator of all the new models and don't know about the textures
IronMan5000 for models of boar, Skeletal Troll,
GendunDrup for models of Swamp troll, Ent, Therium
Gopher for being awesome and creating some of the best mods on the nexus
Brodual for his awesome showcases
MMOxREVEIW for his slightly better show cases
And u the downloader if it wasn't for u, u couldn't be downloading this work of art.