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Enhanced Poisons and Potions by Stereox
Skyrim » Magic - Alchemy, potions, poisons and ingreds
Added: 16/07/2014 - 04:56AM
Updated: 22/01/2015 - 04:04PM

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Uploaded by Stereox2nd


Last updated at 16:04, 22 Jan 2015 Uploaded at 4:56, 16 Jul 2014


Do you think, what is use of 1 health per second for 10 second to Bandit Marauder ?

Do you think, why use Cure Poisons while it cured just before you use it ?

No More Bathing in Poison Dart

Nobody give a holler about poison darts. Well, everyone should no longer.
Before i change this, i just tank as long as i want in poison darts and enjoying the spray.
So i doubled the damage and make duration to 3 minutes.

Basically, encourages you to use Cure Poisons or evading poison darts or healing.
Be wary though, the poison are stacking every dart.

Way More Strong Poison

Do you ever think ? Why purchasing Weak Poisons, Frenzy Poison, and Lingering Poison if you can made way more powerful version just by giving perks to Alchemist ?
Health Poison are much stronger.
Frenzy Poison affects higher leveled enemies.
And with Lingering Poison, you can shoot Bandit Marauder. Hide. Wait for minutes. And take the loot.
The poison effect stacks. You can stack 10 Lingering Poison on Legendary Dragon and watch their health draining.
This just lighten the way of poison usage. Not severe but lethal.
Not so powerful against Trolls. Because they're trying troll you.

Night Blade Friendly

Aversion Poisons now last longer. The effectiveness still same.
LOL it's too naive to say balance. Balance is vary to each person. So this is my own balance.
Giving opportunity to Night Blade character.

Harvesting Frostbite Spider Venom

A brief nerf to harvesting frostbite spider venom.
Frostbite Venom was initially deals 5 points of health and stamina for 4 second. Total 20 points.
That's weak enough and even when you got Concentrated Poison perk. Which still deal 40.
For poison damage, compared to your Sword or Bow's damage is too low. So i change a bit to damage and triples the duration. That's Poison.

Last Longer Beneficial Potions

Got myself encumbered when raiding dwemer ruins, so i use Philter of Strength. Just collect some metal and it's effect stops.
So i think it need more duration. And magnitude of course.
Applied to all potions with beneficial effect.

Here's the simple table of modified potion and poisons.

1.0 - At least i uploaded my mod.

- Initial Release

2.0 - At least i updated my mod.

- Readjusted magnitude and durations.
- Crafted lingering damage poison enhanced.
- Fixed pricing.


- Extract the file anywhere and move it to you Skyrim data folder.
- Enable it in SkyrimLauncher or Nexus Mod Manager or Mod Organizer or Wrye Bash.
- Make sure it loaded on your will. Or if you too confused, just use BOSS.
- This mod has been cleaned through TESEdit.


This mod will conflict with any mods that changes or modify the Poisons and Potions data string.
I don't know many mods which change this.
This include SkyRe, Requiem, Better Magic and Spells and other.
If you're not sure, put this mod load order at last. After Bashed Patch if you use Wyre Bash.


- Cure Poison does not work as intended. Still figuring out why.
- Some Poisons and Potions are overpriced.  FIXED