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Hah, I decided to update the mod, because why not?

Version 1.1 (Final)

+Hearthfire and Dragonborn connected houses

Version 1.0
+Skyrim houses connected tunnels

Before war came in Skyrim there was a rich imperial family - mother, father and son. They had 5 houses but lived in only one - Breezehome in Whiterun. They builded connecting tunells for escape if needed. When war came, they mysteriously disappeared. Some stories say that the army broke into breezehome, and killed them in tunels.

This mod allows player to travel from any player home in skyrim into others.
You can cheat only with unlock command because every door requires key of the house.

Just drag file from zip archive into skyrim's data folder.

Delete files you dragged. (When uninstalling make sure that your last save is not in tunnel I added)