Balthezar - Mage's Player Home by Hoku
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Added: 15/07/2014 - 05:16PM
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This may affect anyone who plays as a companion! With this installed you will not be able to join the companions, because I've made changes to Dustman's Cairn -read the readme- it also has texture problems on the ice, and lighting problems on the interior of the longhouse, so far those are the only problems I've found. You can immediatly fast travel too it, or if you want just fast travel to windhelm, jump off the bridge -XD- and land on the ice at the bottom. You'll have to cut your way threw a horde of Skeletons, Draugr's, 3 Draugr Scourge Lords, and a Dremora -if you fast travel a fight will break out instantly between you and the dremora, allowing you to skip past the army of undead-.

--Only use if you just do side quests, and have completed the vanilla game & DLC's. See comments--

--not responsible for any corrupted games or damages caused by the mod. I've tested it on my own game only--