Clean Level 1 Main Quest Finished - Abiola the Redguard by steptaker
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Level 1 Redguard with the main quest finished without the use of console commands skipping ahead quest wise (which means that all quests are functional such as Paarthurnax and Esbern being around.)

- She has all the unique weapons/shouts rewarded from the main quest

- She has not casted any spells or attacked anything, therefore her skills are base

- If you like you can change the character (although I think she looks nice :P) with console commands by pressing '~' and typing 'showracemenu'
I removed the "install with nexus modmanager" option because I'm pretty sure it cannot do save files.
To install save files (in general)
Download File > Unzip > Locate your save folder > Place .ess file with all of the others
C: > Users > Documents > My Games > Skyrim > Saves
This is the general path for save files
[Characters Inventory]
Nahkriin - The Dragon Priest's Mask before entering Sovngard
Axe of Whiterun - For slaying the dragon at the Western Watchtower
Gloves of the Pugilist - +10% unarmed damage gloves when entering the Ratway
Party Clothes/Shoes - Infiltration of the Thalmor Embassy
Golden Claw

[Shouts] - 2 Dragon Souls for use
Become Ethereal 0/3
Call Dragon 3/3
Cal of Valor 3/3
Clear Skies 3/3
Dragonrend 3/3
Fire Breath 1/3
Storm Call 0/3
Unrelenting Force 3/3
Whirlwind Sprint 1/3

[Choices Made]
Etienne Rarnis released from Thalmor Embassy
Malborn kept alive from Thalmor
Markarth for Riften
Markarth Jarl Switch: Jarl Igmund -> Thogvor Silver-Blood
Riften Jarl Switch: Jarl Laila Law-Giver -> Maven Black-Briar
Stormcloaks pay for the massacre of Imperial troops at Karthwastend

[RP] For those who want it :P
Everybody: "All hail the Dragonborn! Alduin is defeated!
Tsun: "When you are ready speak to me to return to Skyrim"
*Take the portal to Skyrim*
- 1 Month Later -
You awaken near the guardian stones, you have forgotten much about what has happened. Your skills and power have greatly weakened as you cannot remember even how to fight. You search through your items and wonder whose Golden Claw this is or this mysterious cube (Runed Lexicon).
*Dragon flies overhead*
You remember destroying Alduin and setting Skyrim free, although you also know that your job as Dragonborn has not finished... there is still so much more work to do. So you set off, trying to find out more about yourself and to finish your duty.
[Places Discovered]

Bleak falls Barrow
The Guardian Stones
Honningbrew Meadery
High Hrothgar
Peak of the World
Septimus Signus's Outpost
Western Watchtower
Sky Haven Temple