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What is Bleed Them Dry?

Bleed Them Dry is designed to be a combat utility mod that allows you to set different weapon types to deal long-term bleed damage to targets. Weapons covered by this mod are bows & crossbows, daggers, swords, greatswords, war axes, battleaxes, maces, and warhammers. You can choose between 18 different settings, each with a set magnitude and duration. Damage values are 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, and 3.0 points of bleed damage per second over either 30 or 60 seconds. 

IMPORTANT: Bleed damage stacks! The more a target is attacked, the faster it will go down. For example, if an attack on a target applies a bleed using a setting of 0.2 damage per second for 30 seconds, a second attack that applies a bleed will apply the same effect again and overlap the first effect, increasing the damage to 0.4 damage per second for the duration both effects are active on the target.

Be aware that not every hit will spill blood; chances of causing a bleed per attack are determined by the attacker's relevant weapon skill. The following shows which skill trees affect which weapons and their hit chances.

Weapon Skills:
Archery: Bows, crossbows. - One Handed: Daggers, swords, war axes, maces. - Two Handed: Greatswords, battleaxes, warhammers.

Skill Levels:
1-29 = 25% hit chance, 30-59 = 50% hit chance, 60-89 = 75% hit chance, 90-100 = 90% hit chance.

You can also enable unarmed bleed damage for select races through the MCM. This will allow you to deal bleed damage to enemies in fully unarmed combat if your character is a Khajiit, Argonian, in Werewolf form, or while in Vampire Lord form. Khajiits and Argonians have a 20% hit chance while Werewolves and Vampire Lords have a 50% hit chance.

Can enemy weapons cause bleed damage to me too?

You can enable player bleed damage by weapons at any time through the MCM. If you enable this option, dodging and blocking will become very important in avoiding bleed damage from enemy attacks. Normally you regenerate health constantly, even in combat, but if you are struck by an attack that causes bleeding, you will loose all natural health regeneration including any effects that improve it until the bleeding stops. Items that provide a set health value increase (such as healing potions or food) will still heal you normally and you are urged to carry a decent stock at all times.

What about attacks from creatures? 

There is an option in the MCM to enable bleed damage when bitten or clawed by certain creatures. Each covered creature type has a set hit chance that generally depends on their size and dangerous nature. You can choose between three overall levels of damage from bleeds acquired by creatures: Low, Medium, and High.

The following creatures have a chance to cause bleed damage when attacking:

Wolves - Death Hounds[DG] - Slaughterfish - Bears - Sabre Cats - Werewolves - Werebears[DB] - Gargoyles[DG] - Hagravens - Spriggans - Ice Wraiths - Trolls - Dwarven Spheres - Dwarven Centurions - Dwarven Ballista[DB] - Dragons

What happens if my target or I lose too much blood?

If an enemy is bleeding out, they may decide to flee from combat if they feel outmatched. The more foolhardy the enemy, the longer they will stay and fight. If their health drops below 25%, their movement and attack speed will be slowed until either they stop bleeding or they regain enough health to push them back over 25%. If you have player bleed damage enabled, you will suffer from the same movement and attack speed impairment should your own health drop below 25% while bleeding out. These effects are able to be toggled on/off in case you have other mods that have similar effects.

How do I stop from bleeding out?

You have a few options: You can either wait it out (health permitting) or you can use one of four ways to end the bleeding early. The first two of these are applying bandages or tourniquets to stem the blood flow. These are common skills that can be found in your magic menu and utilize certain everyday items. However, these can only be applied when not in combat. Bandages require 2 linen wraps and tourniquets require 2 leather strips to work.

If there is no way for you to end combat quickly and you need a respite from your wounds immediately, you can use Elixirs of Coagulation sold at apothecary merchants or cast a Cauterize Wounds spell offered by court wizards. While these methods can be used in combat, they have drawbacks; the elixirs are rare and rather expensive and the spell uses a large amount of magicka coupled with a lengthy cast time.

Requirements and Compatibility

SkyUI v4.1+
SKSE v1.6.16+

If using the DG+DB version, you will also need:
Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLCs

This mod should be fully compatible with all mods, including combat overhauls and mods that change textures and/or meshes of weapons and creatures.

However, mods that add or assign new weapon keywords (WeapTypeBow, WeapTypeSword, etc.) to weapons may cause issues. Bleed Them Dry relies on those keywords to know what weapon you or an NPC is holding and which bleed out setting to apply to the target. This also applies to mods that add new weapons to the game; it depends on if the mod author assigned the correct weapon type keyword to their item for this mod to recognize it.

New creatures from other mods may or may not apply bleeds when attacking. It depends if the mod author added their new creature to Skyrim's existing race groups (WolfRace, SabreCatRace, etc.) since Bleed Them Dry checks race affiliation to determine which bleed setting to apply to your character when hit.


!---MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR SAVE BEFORE DOWNLOADING AND TRYING THIS MOD---! Removing a mod, especially with a running script, halfway through a playthrough is not recommended or supported and can result in unpredictable game behavior.

If using Nexus Mod Manager, download and activate to install.

If installing manually, open the .7z file with an archiver program (WinZip, WinRar, 7zip, etc.) then extract and place the .esp and .bsa into your skyrim/data folder.

Updating to v3.2

A clean save is highly recommended. Click 'Reset All Settings' on the MCM Reset & Help page, then disable the mod via console "StopQuest BleedThemDryMCM". Save the game. Quit and uninstall the old version. Install the new version. Load your save and make a new save over the old one.



After the fields are reset to ‘Disabled’ and the quest is disabled, save the game, quit and remove the mod. Reload the save and make a new save over the old one.

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Changelog can be found under the ReadMe tab.

As always, please let me know if you encounter any issues so I may address them asap. Thanks for your support!