Bleed Them Dry - Long-Term Bleed Out Effects by lesi123
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What is Bleed Them Dry?

2:29 - 3:32

Bleed Them Dry is designed to be a combat utility mod that allows you to set different weapon types to deal long-term bleed damage to your targets. Weapons covered by this mod are bows & crossbows, daggers, swords, greatswords, war axes, battleaxes, maces, and warhammers. You can choose between 10 different settings, each with a set magnitude and duration.

The following options are available per weapon type:

Disabled: Removes all bleed effects associated with the selected weapon type. 'Disabled' is the default setting for all options.

0.2 damage per second for 30 seconds
0.2 damage per second for 60 seconds

0.4 damage per second for 30 seconds
0.4 damage per second for 60 seconds

0.6 damage per second for 30 seconds
0.6 damage per second for 60 seconds

0.8 damage per second for 30 seconds
0.8 damage per second for 60 seconds

1.0 damage per second for 30 seconds
1.0 damage per second for 60 seconds

IMPORTANT: Bleed effects stack on your target! The more you attack something, the faster it’s going to go down (e.g. two successful hits on a target with a 0.2 damage per second for 30 seconds setting will increase the effect to 0.4 damage per second for 30 seconds, three hits will increase it to 0.6, etc.). If it feels like you are doing too much damage, scale back until you find a comfortable median. These bleed out effects do not affect the player. They only apply to targets your character successfully hits.

Whenever your target is bleeding out, at 20% health they will begin to move slower, and at 10% health they will begin to stagger when hit. The type of weapon plays a part in how forceful the stagger is; smaller weapons such as daggers will make them flinch while larger weapons like battleaxes will nearly knock them down.

***Undead and Dwarven automatons are immune to all bleed effects.

Requirements and Compatibility

SkyUI v4.1+
SKSE v1.6.16+

This mod should be fully compatible with all other mods, including combat overhauls and mods that change textures and/or meshes of weapons. However, mods that add new weapons may or may not properly apply bleed effects; it depends on if the mod author of the weapon assigned the correct weapon type keyword to their item since this mod looks for that tag to know what weapon your character is holding and which bleed out setting to apply to the target.


!---MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR SAVE BEFORE DOWNLOADING AND TRYING THIS MOD---! Removing a mod, especially with a running script, halfway through a playthrough is not recommended or supported and can result in unpredictable game behavior.

If using Nexus Mod Manager, download and activate to install.

If installing manually, open the .7z file with an archiver program (WinZip, WinRar, 7zip, etc.) then extract and place the .esp and .bsa into your skyrim/data folder.



After the fields are reset to ‘Disabled’ and the quest is disabled, save the game, quit and remove the mod. Reload the save and make a new save over the old one.

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Changelog can be found under the ReadMe tab.

As always, please let me know if you encounter any issues so I may address them asap. Thanks for your support!