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Added: 13/07/2014 - 07:31PM
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Last updated at 9:24, 23 Jul 2014 Uploaded at 19:31, 13 Jul 2014

Had to upload this(for the 4th time) because seeing something that you worked on many hours at everywhere without your permission is annoying more than you can imagine.

Pudding ENB aims realism that you can't find in any other ENB so why I didn't select ENB Preset category? Because Pudding is made of TK ENB(old) so its not truly an other ENB.


Find your way own.


Shift+F12 to enable, Shift+Enter to open the menu. Disable AA and AF unless you're happy with bugs and glitches.

Get enboost from here because file don't have enblocal because my GPU probably not the same with yours. If you got one before already, don't bother changing it.

Get version 0.254 from here. Open wrapper version and copy enbhost and d3d9.dll, nothing else.

CREDITS are given to ones that I added by myself. Besides the dof and sun glare, rest comes with TK.

Boris for creating ENB.
tamu75 for TK preset. - Words can not describe, 13 hours of edit.
Matso for dof. - No stupid lines on objects, smooth corners, realistic dof activation, 50 minutes of edit.
Kyokushinoyama for sun&glare. - Not edited.