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Last updated at 9:05, 22 Apr 2015 Uploaded at 0:36, 13 Jul 2014

Please read the following info about CR Enb carefully, especially the Requirements and install section.
For the latest news about future updating and other stuff, please see my sticking post. Also, to check that whether your rig can handle this preset or not, please refer to my sticking post.

So, just uploaded the requested 266 CR Blue Sepiaized. Requirement and installation are the same as all 265 presets. Load order is also the same as 265 and don't forget to check both esp (CR Enb esp and SnowFx esp)
New droplet normal map and modder resources will be available on the same date as my other 266 presets. Let me know if you get any question concerning installing or requirement part and feel free to submit your pictures.

-Cheers, Bigeyescarl aka abc75179778300-

Sorry my friends, delayed for the last time, aye, no jesting. Release date set to 05/05 AM 05:05 GMT. Layout is kinda messy for now, gonna to clean them all up after 05/05 updating.
CR Enb 266, made to be perfect. See you guys at 05/05 AM 05:05 GMT. Love you all.
-Cheers, Bigeyescarl aka abc75179778300-

Alright now, gotto delay the release of 266 presets as I haven't finished them all...(didn't think there are lots of defects to adress till two days ago...)
Anyway, all 266 presets will be available on 04/12.
-Cheers, Bigeyescarl aka abc75179778300-

Make a new sweet droplet normal map for 20 droplet grid and that means the various droplet types in the upcoming 266 presets will be 20X20=400 different types. Can you go for 30 droplet grids (30X30=900), bigeyes? Oh, sure thing and I can even do more, let's see how many droplets types I can make ;)

New droplets normal map will be available with other stuff as modder resources on 04/08.

-Cheers, Bigeyescarl aka abc75179778300-

So I accidentally came up with this interesting stuff, which looked like GI effect..., and the advantage of this effect was that it didn't drop any FPS ;)
All of my presets will feature this effect in the future. This tech also used in the upcoming game, The Witcher 3. Don't forget to check out how this effect looks like in game in the image section.
All of my 266 presets will be available on 2015/04/08.
-Cheers, Bigeyescarl aka abc75179778300-

Got seven New Years holidays, will update this preset probably for the last time. Featuring:
1. Extended raindroplets, let's hit over 200 diversified types ;)
2. Renewal Ver of the CRealistic 265 Final Cut, and CinemaBlue. 
3. Water plugin remakes. 
4. Other versions like RLO//RCRN AE//ELFX Weathers independent special version (?)
Will make them upon requests. Let me know if you wanna other weather mods to compatible with CR Enb.


Introducing CR Enb series full suite with 4 different presets all featuring"All CoT and Vanilla weathers in one esp", and well, pre...presume you guys have already known how to install and what are the essential steps to make an Enb preset work. 

*Important note*:
**All of my presets do not compatible with Remove Exterior Fog and Revamped Exterior Fog.**
**Use MAIN COT mod and it's Expansions for DG, DB. Do not use other COT Weather Patches as the CR ENB already covers these.**
**Use ELFX MOD minus Enhancer.esp ( use Enhancer esp only if you still feel the interior and dungeons look kinda bright, I have already included optional dark interior in CRealistic 265 for those who prefer darkened interior )**


1. PureWater (Essential in Ken version)
2. ELFX 2.0 or ELE (ELE V094 single legendary esp will do)
3. CoT and all CoT patches from jjc71, not the patches from prod (I have tried and added some cot weather types like prod's ,well simply mimics other CoT weathers if you ask, from his patches; so you don't need his patches. )


1. Exclusive dynamic droplet effect in rainy day. (Except Yelo version)
2. All four presets feature in beautiful and best characters rendering.
3. All four presets set in unique styles, hues, and setting separately one by one.

Well, I think I'm gonna to take a break for now, I'm very satisfied with all four of my sweet presets. Leave a comment or any question you get, I will reply when I'm available. And feel free to tweak them to your heart's content if you know how to tweak Enb. A small credit to me would be appreciated ;) 

-Cheers for you all, CR-
01/20 Exclusive Rain droplet effect preview:

Coming soooooooooooooooooooooon with another preset and CR 265 update coming soon, too.

265 out now for download! All CoT weathers modified via CK.

1. PureWater
2. ELFX 2.0
3. CoT and all CoT patches

Check it out in game yourself ;)

[left]Sorry, but I no longer take requests to tweak this preset for darker interiors and nights. The settings I implement in this preset are my own tastes if you don't like them, you can tweak the settings out by yourself to your heart's content by those controllable paraments. I'm going to relax for a while but will still answer questions, so feel free to leave a comment. [/left]Oh well, I'm still working on darker night and interior...but it should take me sometime before releasing darker night and interior edition ;)

-Cheers, CR-

264 Final Ver- 1. Realistic //2. CinemaBlue //3. Classic uploaded.
4. CR Yelo// 5. CR Ken coming sooooooooooooooooon ;)

*Video review, Picture comparison for 5 presets haven't finished...*
(Oh dear, kinda too lazy to make comparison)

Videos by America LA, THX to him :D
Realistic Final Ver
Day effects

Night effects

Real dark interior and night version for Realistic 264 Final Ver coming soon; Yelo and Ken latter.

All of CR Enb 264 Final Versions features:
1. All shaders can be controlled via Enb panel
2. Exclusive Diffuse Bloom
3. HDR Tonemapping
4. Aim to rework on all CoT weathers (plugin still WIP)
5. Enabled DoF only cost 2 FPS (tested on R9 290)
6. All vanilla weathers finished via CK


-264 Beta-
Video from Ncrvet->

Realistic Beta->

CinemaBlue Beta->

*264 Beta version doesn't modify CoT weathers Yet*


1. Darkened interiors in day and night compared to 262 version with different color filters (different in middle filters, you know, I wouldn't do overall filter settings) for sunny day and rainy day (still don't know which filters should I apply in foggy days).
2. More beautiful interior settings in night compared to 262 version.
3. Glorious sunsets and sunrises (sunsets were finished; haven't finished sunrises yet, and still in testing the filters for the mornings)
4. Next-gen bloom.
5. Dof tweaks tutorial included.
6. Darkened shadow for exteriors in all weathers.
7. Best water quality with PureWater 5.0
8. Ghost Lens effect (CinemaBlue exclusive)

*264 Beta Requirement*
2. ELFX 2.0->
3. Ethereal Clouds 1.2->

**Important Notices**
Don't forget to grab the latest 264 dll from enb forum
Please note that specular value still WIP, 264 beta apply low specular values at this moment.
Water Plugin from 262 can be kept for using, too, if you prefer the water plugin than PureWater.
Please replace the old sky nif when asked.

Load order same as 262, for now.


1. ELFX 2.0 interior (compatible with ELFX enhancer if you think the interior is too bright and need darkened and some contrast) and exterior.
**(Important-> Only "RCRN version" doesn't need ELFX!)**
2. Ethereal Clouds 1.2

3. Enb 0262 "d3d9.dll" and "enbhost.exe" ,please grab it here; and place them to where Skyrim.exe is:
(Important-> Sorry that old 251 version had contained the 251dll since I can't download the 251dll from enb website now, so I put the 251dll into my 251 version preset...)

4. Enb helper.dll, please download at:

****RCRN users' load order and setting please refer to the pictures after downloading 251 preset in a folder named "How to install it correctly".

Chinese and Taiwanese users please go to the following thread:
*Important notes*
1. The four following esp. must be checked "CR Enb COT plugin (vanilla users don't need to check), CR Enb SnowFx, CR Enb Water Plugin, and CR Enb esp."
(Vanilla 251 version please check the CR Enb esp and Snow fx, too; RCRN users' load order and settings please refer to the pictures after downloading 251 preset in a folder named "How to install it correctly".)
2. Vanilla/COT/RCRN version for different taste players all ready now!
3. Feel free to upload your images after using my preset.
4. Don't forget to give me an endorse if you like my preset, :D~


I. Ultra realistic day setting, I have already tested all of the vanilla weathers and COT's except DLC's, Sovengard, and Blackreach weathers.
II. Almost the first enb containing almost all the weathers using separated inis.
III. Lots of optional files to customize.
IV. Clear and ultra sharp experience.
V. Oily skin in the interior. 
VI. Semi-Global illumination effect in sunny days. 
VII. Exclusive droplet effect.

Step I. Download latest version ENB files on Enb official website and copy the "d3d9.dll" and "enbhost.exe" to your skyrim folder.

Step II. Download "enbhelper" and copy to your enbseries folder.

Step III. Copy all of the files in the Main folder to where Skyrim.exe is (usually locate at Steam/SteamApps/common/Skyrim).

Step IV. Editing the following lines in SkyrimPrefs.ini; if one of the line doesn't exist, just copy the following like and paste it to under the [Display section]


Step V. Enjoy!

Step VI. Make sure you save indoors before applying or installing my enb preset.

Just delete the enb related files in the main folders.
CR Enb credits go to:

Boris, the creator of Enb series for skyrim.
(Everyone loves Boris.)

Kyokushinoyama, for incredible the enbbloom, enbeffectprepass and sharpening effect.
(Seriously, Kyo's enb preset is more beautiful than mine when it comes to aestheticism.)

Matso, for the wonderful lens fx file.
(I love Lord Matso's lens effect very much.)

Soulwynd, for the wondrous effect.
(THX you sir for the effect file.)

Opethfeldt, for the epic sunsprite and inspiration of arranging my wheather list.
(I love the way he naming the different inis.)

Confidence man, for the epic esp file.
(His preset, NLA Enb, is the most realistic one I have seen so far.)

--JawZ--, for the seamless sky nif and inspirations on shaders.
(Greatest sky nif ever.)

Mindflux for the snow nif and effects.
(I highly recommend to use his smoking torches, too!)

My friend, Kingeric1992 from Taiwan, for the droplet and frozen vignette effect and inspirations on shaders:
(Oh dear, you rock!)

Inspiration on those CoT weathers.
(Don't forget to check out his new Serenity ENB ExtendedFX preset.)

PS: Please let me note if I miss someone :D


2014/07/13-> CR ENB 254 for COT and Vanilla users released.
2014/07/14-> 254 Optional low specular version uploaded.
2014/07/15-> 254 Optional ana flare file uploaded.
2014/07/20-> 251 Vanilla version for vanilla users only and 251 RCRN version for RCRN users only uploaded.
2014/09/02-> 262 Realistic and CinemaBlue version uploaded.
2014/11/01-> 264 Beta all uploaded.
2014/12/31-> 264 Final versions uploaded.
2015/01/10-> 265 CRealistic out now.
2015/02/07-> 265 CRealistic Final Cut//CR Ken//CR Blue//CR Yelo all four presets available now. 
2015/04/12-> 266 CR Blue Sepiaized out now.