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Please read the following info about CR Enb carefully, especially the Requirements and install section.
For the latest news about future updating and other stuff, please see my sticking post.
262 Version:
Video preview->
Realistic version:

CinemaBlue version:


1. ELFX 2.0 interior (compatible with ELFX enhancer if you think the interior is too bright and need darkened and some contrast) and exterior.
**(Important-> Only "RCRN version" doesn't need ELFX!)**
2. Ethereal Clouds 1.2

3. Enb 0262 "d3d9.dll" and "enbhost.exe" ,please grab it here; and place them to where Skyrim.exe is:
(Important-> Sorry that old 251 version had contained the 251dll since I can't download the 251dll from enb website now, so I put the 251dll into my 251 version preset...)

4. Enb helper.dll, please download at:

****RCRN users' load order and setting please refer to the pictures after downloading 251 preset in a folder named "How to install it correctly".

Chinese and Taiwanese users please go to the following thread:
*Important notes*
1. The four following esp. must be checked "CR Enb COT plugin (vanilla users don't need to check), CR Enb SnowFx, CR Enb Water Plugin, and CR Enb esp."
(Vanilla 251 version please check the CR Enb esp and Snow fx, too; RCRN users' load order and settings please refer to the pictures after downloading 251 preset in a folder named "How to install it correctly".)
2. Vanilla/COT/RCRN version for different taste players all ready now!
3. Feel free to upload your images after using my preset.
4. Don't forget to give me an endorse if you like my preset, :D~


I. Ultra realistic day setting, I have already tested all of the vanilla weathers and COT's except DLC's, Sovengard, and Blackreach weathers.
II. Almost the first enb containing almost all the weathers using separated inis.
III. Lots of optional files to customize.
IV. Clear and ultra sharp experience.
V. Oily skin in the interior. 
VI. Semi-Global illumination effect in sunny days. 
VII. Exclusive droplet effect.

Step I. Download latest version ENB files on Enb official website and copy the "d3d9.dll" and "enbhost.exe" to your skyrim folder.

Step II. Download "enbhelper" and copy to your enbseries folder.

Step III. Copy all of the files in the Main folder to where Skyrim.exe is (usually locate at Steam/SteamApps/common/Skyrim).

Step IV. Editing the following lines in SkyrimPrefs.ini; if one of the line doesn't exist, just copy the following like and paste it to under the [Display section]


Step V. Enjoy!

Step VI. Make sure you save indoors before applying or installing my enb preset.

Just delete the enb related files in the main folders.
CR Enb credits go to:

Boris, the creator of Enb series for skyrim.
(Everyone loves Boris.)

Kyokushinoyama, for incredible the enbbloom, enbeffectprepass and sharpening effect.
(Seriously, Kyo's enb preset is more beautiful than mine when it comes to aestheticism.)

Matso, for the wonderful lens fx file.
(I love Lord Matso's lens effect very much.)

Soulwynd, for the wondrous effect.
(THX you sir for the effect file.)

Opethfeldt, for the epic sunsprite and inspiration of arranging my wheather list.
(I love the way he naming the different inis.)

Confidence man, for the epic esp file.
(His preset, NLA Enb, is the most realistic one I have seen so far.)

--JawZ--, for the seamless sky nif.
(Greatest sky nif ever.)

Mindflux for the snow nif and effects.
(I highly recommend to use his smoking torches, too!)

My friend, Kingeric1992 from Taiwan, for the droplet and frozen vignette effect:
(As a Taiwanese, I'm very proud of having such a friend)

PS: Please let me note if I miss someone :D


2014/07/13-> CR ENB 254 for COT and Vanilla users released.
2014/07/14-> 254 Optional low specular version uploaded.
2014/07/15-> 254 Optional ana flare file uploaded.
2014/07/20-> 251 Vanilla version for vanilla users only and 251 RCRN version for RCRN users only uploaded.
2014/09/02-> 262 Realistic and CinemaBlue version uploaded.