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Please read the following info about CR Enb carefully, especially the Requirements and installment section.
To check that whether your rig can handle this preset or not, please refer to my other sticking post. Feel free to submit your images, and feel free to leave comments.
Brace yourself,
CR Enb 308 Series (308-R, 308-CinemaBlue) incoming
So we just skipped the Alpha version, aiming for the official release! Save the date, July 1, 2017.

Info about the upcoming CR Enb 308-R (308-R = realistic version) preset:

1. Made without any palette ensuring that the tone-mapping formula works like charm and tint-less.
2. Users awaited all in one CR Enb esp. for esp slots saving.
3. Users approved color-filters and black white level-adjusted for smooth and long time gaming experience, and the beauty of SSS of old 292 Realistic Ver also retained. 
4. Diverse lens flare effect as options for users to select.
5. New biological functioned DoF, for long time gaming.
6. Final adjusted all weather independently (Vanilla+All DLC+CoT weathers) 
7. Other presets should be presented to you guys in no time.

CR Enb 292 Realistic Ver released.
Please scroll down and  read the requirement and installation sections before downloading this preset.
Esp load order is the same as 272 beta ver. See the image section for more images.
Please be aware that due to the mods used of each user, setting, and the differences of every monitor, the final result would be slightly different in game.
Set the "contrast", "color grading or grey grading" and "R","G","B" parameters to 50 in your monitor setting to experience  the similar result I would like my preset users to observe.

Features compared to 272 Realistic beta ver:
1. Enhance SSS.
2. Enhance ambient lighting/lens flares/weathers/water.
3.  Performance friendly.

Have fun and happy gaming ;)


Preparing for the 308 Series now!
Available soon. The wait is almost over, we are almost there.
Featuring 13 differentiating presets,of which two (CR Realistic and CR 7Ken) would be the highlighted and mastered ones.

Q: Why u delayed so much in delivering 292 to 308 Series?
A: I'm not and can not modding as much as I did in the past two years.
Q: Can't u just release beta versions?
A: I'm going to make this as my last contribution to old Skyrim and Enb, so all of the presets in CR Enb 308 Series would take me lots of time, no rush, just slowly detailed and perfected them. After that, I'm gonna move to SSE Enb making, leisurely.

Regards, abc75179778300 aka bigeyescarl
Tutorial Installation Guide by  Heisenn burgg 

CR Realistic 272 Beta available now.
*Important note*:

**All of my presets do not compatible with Remove Exterior Fog and Revamped Exterior Fog.**
**Use Main COT 3.1 and it's Expansions for DG, DB. Do not use other COT Weather Patches as the CR ENB already covered these.**
**Use ELFX MOD minus Enhancer.esp ( use Enhancer esp only if you still feel the interior and dungeons look kinda bright.)**


1. PureWater 
2. ELFX 2.0 or ELE (ELE V094 or above version that comes with a single legendary esp will do)
3. CoT and all CoT patches from jjc71.
4. Vivid Clouds and Fogs - Vanilla and Climates of Tamriel (not essential but highly recommended as I used this texture pack to make this preset)

1. Customized CoT Weather esp with every one of the weathers modified. 
2. Eye adaption tint like the Witcher 3 but not that over toned.
3. A nicely tweaked preset.


Step I. Download the consistent version ENB binary on Enb official website and copy the "d3d9.dll" to your skyrim folder.

Step II. Copy all of the files in the Main folder to where Skyrim.exe is (usually locate at Steam/SteamApps/common/Skyrim).

Step III. Editing the following lines in SkyrimPrefs.ini; if one of the line doesn't exist, just copy the following like and paste it to under the [Display section]


Step IV. Use NMM to check the CR Enb esp. along with CR ENB Snow FX and Pure Water esp (modified).

Step V. Make sure you save indoors before applying or installing my enb preset.


Delete the enb related files in the main folders or use enbremover for quick removing and arranging preset.

CR Enb credits go to:

Boris, the creator of Enb series for skyrim.
(Everyone loves Boris.)

Kyokushinoyama, for incredible the enbbloom, sunsprite tga file and sharpening effect.
(Seriously, Kyo's enb preset is more beautiful than mine when it comes to aestheticism.)

Matso, for the wonderful lens fx file.
(I love Lord Matso's lens effect very much.)

Soulwynd, for the wondrous effect.
(THX you sir for the effect file.)

Opethfeldt, for the epic sunsprite and inspiration of arranging my wheather list.
(I love the way he naming the different inis.)

--JawZ--, for the seamless sky nif and inspirations on shaders.
(Greatest sky nif ever.)

Mindflux for the snow nif and effects.
(I highly recommend to use his smoking torches, too!)

FKPX3118 (Author of  Dahaka Enb) for the encouragement and the de-saturation effect.

My friend, Kingeric1992 from Taiwan, for the droplet and frozen vignette effect and inspirations on shaders:
(Oh dear, you rock!)

Inspiration on those CoT weathers.
(Don't forget to check out his new Serenity ENB ExtendedFX preset.)

For the Pure Water.

PS: Please let me note if I miss someone :D

Visit the following links for my other works:
1. CR Reshade for SSE
2. CR Enb pure weather
3. CR Enb for Oblivion


2014/07/13-> CR ENB 254 for COT and Vanilla users released.
2014/07/14-> 254 Optional low specular version uploaded.
2014/07/15-> 254 Optional ana flare file uploaded.
2014/07/20-> 251 Vanilla version for vanilla users only and 251 RCRN version for RCRN users only uploaded.
2014/09/02-> 262 Realistic and CinemaBlue version uploaded.
2014/11/01-> 264 Beta all uploaded.
2014/12/31-> 264 Final versions uploaded.
2015/01/10-> 265 CRealistic out now.
2015/02/07-> 265 CRealistic Final Cut//CR Ken//CR Blue//CR Yelo all four presets available now. 
2015/04/12-> 266 CR Blue Sepiaized out now.
2015/06/28-> 272 CR Realistic Beta available now. CR Blue Sepiaized will come later, as it was still WIP with                        new experimental lens effects.
2016/11/07-> CR Enb 292 Realistic available now. A pre-hype before delivering CR Enb 308 Series. Have                                fun.