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The Witcher 2 Armors for Skyrim

Models/Textures: CDProjectRED
Mesh port and Rigging: L0rd0fWar

Other Translations :
German translation

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Note : i have edited the permission section since no one give it alook there i will put it here, guys u don't have to send me pm's for permission do what ever u want with this content just give me credit for porting, i did rigg that models at first place for all skyrim community and elder scrolls fans.

Important : You Must Uninstall any old version before Installing this update, it's Very Necessary step ( doing other wise will cause conflicts )

try to combine armors either with vanilla or with the content i already uploaded, i took my time working on making it fit with each other not 100% but at least 90%

Note : For Those Who want Aquick Access to The Armor ( I Want The Armors God Damn it :x )
open console ` then right this command " player.additem (xx)ItemID (IQ) "
xx = load order in NMM
ID = The ID of the item next to every armor Down Below
IQ = Item Quantity

Nord ChainMail Armors : Require Advanced armor Perk, Studded Section

1.ChainMail Cuirass A (Bonus)--------------------> xx012d7
2.ChainMail Cuirass B (Bonus)--------------------> xx012d5
3.leather Boots (Bonus)--------------------> xx012d4
4.Steel Helmet (Bonus)--------------------> xx012d6

Geralt Heavy Jacket : Require Steel Smithing Perk, Studded Section

5.Geralt Heavy jacket--------------------> xx012d8
6.Geralt Gauntlets--------------------> xx012c8
7.Geralt Leather Boots--------------------> xx012ca

Iorveth Scoia'tael Commando : Require Steel Smithing Perk, Leather Section

8.Iorveth Outfit--------------------> xx01004
9.Iorveth Boots--------------------> xx01003
10.Iorveth Gloves--------------------> xx01005
11.Iorveth Hat--------------------> xx01302

King's Slayer Armors : require Steel Smithing Perk, Leather Section

12.King's Slayer (Letho) Armor My Version--------------------> xx012d9
13.king's Slayer boots My Version--------------------> xx07923
14.King's Slayer Gauntlets--------------------> xx01d8e
15.king's Slayer Cloak--------------------> xx012c7
16.King's Slayer Light Outfit MyVersion--------------------> xx06e59
17.king's Slayer Belt (Bonus for The Light Version)--------------------> xx073bf
18.King's Slayer Original Outfit Full--------------------> xxe1f15

Saskia Armor : Require Steel Smithing Perk, Steel Section

19.Saskia Armor M and F ( Still In Full Until I Seperate The boots )--------------------> xx012da

Geralt Seltkirk Armor : Require Arcane BlackSmith Perk, Studded Section

20.Geralt Seltkirk Cuirass--------------------> xx012df
21.Geralt Seltkirk Boots--------------------> xxe1f14
22.Geralt Seltkirk Guantlets--------------------> xx012de

Temerian Soldier Armors : Require Steel Smithing, Studded Section

23.Temerian Soldier Heavy ---------- --------------------> xx012db
24.Temerian Soldier Studded I----------------> Could Fit Imperial Legion --------------------> xx012dd
25.Temerian Soldier Light ---------- --------------------> xx012dc
26.Soldier Boots (Letho Boot My Version)--------------------> xx012d1
27.Soldier Shoes (Iorveth Boot)--------------------> xx012d3

NorthKindom Armors : Require Advanced armor Perk, Steel Section

28.NorthernKingdoms Helm Opened--------------------> xx02071
29.NorthernKingdoms Helm Closed--------------------> xx166d6
30.Aedirnian Cuirass--------------------> xx01008
31.Aedirnian Boots--------------------> xx01007
32.Aedirnian Gauntlets--------------------> xx01009
33.Lavalette Cuirass--------------------> xx0102c
34.Lavalette Boots--------------------> xx0102b
35.Lavalette Guantlets--------------------> xx0102d
36.Orderknight Cuirass--------------------> xx0101a
37.Orderknight Boots--------------------> xx01019
38.Orderknight Guantlets--------------------> xx0101b
39.Redanian cuirass--------------------> xx0103e
40.Redanian Boots--------------------> xx0103d
41.Redanian Guantlets--------------------> xx0103f
42.Temerian Cuirass--------------------> xx012e2
43.Temerian Boots--------------------> xx012e0
44.Temerian Guantlets--------------------> xx012e1

NilfGaard Armors : Require Ebony Smithing Perk, Ebony Section

45.NilfGaard Armor A ( With Boots Until I Seperate it )--------------------> xx01dda
46.NilfGaard Armor B--------------------> xx00d63
47.NilfGaard Guantlets--------------------> xx00d65
48.NilfGaard Helmet--------------------> xx00d67
49.NilfGaard Winged Helm--------------------> xx00d69

Heavy Plate Armor : Require Steel Smithing Perk, Steel Section

50.Old Male Saskia Armro ( Bonus )--------------------> xx02345

Credits :

CD Projekt's

I am the Original author who ported the models, i don't own the models the only credit i take for porting only.

Have fun.