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Updated: 01/08/2014 - 05:14AM

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Last updated at 5:14, 1 Aug 2014 Uploaded at 9:00, 7 Jul 2014

NOTE: This patch requires Dawnguard and Dragonborn, as well as all other files mentioned in the requirements section.

Have a good machine? Feel free to submit screenshots! My laptop doesn't at all show the potential of the patch.


Welcome to the mod page for my first NexusMods release! I decided to tackle something that's bugged me for some time; namely, the extensive list of weather and audio patches in my load order that didn't properly resolve when all was said and done.. So I fixed them.


This is an all-in-one weather and audio patch that brings together many of the most-used ambience mods on the Nexus. With the required mods installed, this is the -only such patch- you will need. How much space will this save in your load order? I have no idea. I do know that (because I actually had all the patches I was supposed to) it spared me thirteen .ESPs that otherwise would have overwritten each other left and right and lost most of the edits in the process.


Climates of Tamriel - Weather - Lighting - Audio by JJC71
Climates of Tamriel - Weather - Patch by prod80, Aiyen and Saerileth
Expanded Snow Systems - Climates of Tamriel Version by JonusL2D and Mahlzeit88
Supreme Storms for Climates of Tamriel 3.1 by MannyGT
Real Rain - Extended by PlayerTw0
Lightning during Thunder Storms by Minty
Climates of Tamriel - Weather - Lighting - Audio by JJC71
Audio Overhaul for Skyrim 2 by David Jegutidse
Sounds of Skyrim - The Dungeons by Cliffworms
Sounds of Skyrim - The Wilds by Cliffworms
Sounds of Skyrim - Civilization by Cliffworms

Yes, Climates of Tamriel is under both categories.

If you have Hearthfires or the Hi-Res DLC, get the unofficial patches! Not required but highly advised!

-Pay attention to the version listed, as these are masters for WAO.
-WHEN UPDATING OR INSTALLING INTO AN EXISTING SAVE: WAO is totally safe to install, but due to it containing cell edits, some changes may not appear immediately. Going to your player home or another interior cell and waiting 30 days should apply any missing changes to most cells. If you have one that won't reset that you really just need to do so, use the 'resetinterior <cell>' and 'pcb' console commands to force Skyrim to reload the cell in question. (This can probably do some funny things with quest cells, so use with caution.)
(If you are SURE that you already have all of the requirements installed, go to each mod's page, click Endorse, and you may skip to step 10. Ensure you have Real Rain installed according to my instructions. This may require reinstalling Climates of Tamriel or its original raindrop textures. See below.)

1. Install Climates of Tamriel and Climates of Tamriel - Sounds. (Optional: Select dungeon and interiors settings.)
2. Install Expanded Snow Systems - Climates of Tamriel Version.
3. Install Audio Overhaul for Skyrim 2 and appropriate patches.
4. Install Lightning during Thunder Storms.
5. Install Sounds of Skyrim - The Dungeons.
6. Install Sounds of Skyrim - The Wilds.
7. Install Sounds of Skyrim - Civilization.
8. Install Supreme Storms for Climates of Tamriel 3.1.
9. Install Climates of Tamriel - Weather Patch with or without fog. (Optional: Select snow brightness and night level settings.)
10. Install Real Rain - Extended manually. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP. Do not overwrite the "" file: rename the new file to "". (You -can- use raindrop replacers with the patch, but Real Rain's are used separately from the main drop texture, thus the rename. Hopefully in the near future the need for renaming the file manually can be remedied. Sent a PM to PlayerTw0 already.)
11. Install this patch.

Real Snow Flakes by kw71. This is a snowflake texture replacer that looks amazing with CoT and ESS snow weathers. Use with the following for best effect!
fxsnowflakesblur fix by cobrelon. This is a replacer for the alternate snowflake texture that complements the former very nicely.
A -huge- thank you to Mahlzeit for this info!

If you're currently using RLO, the RLO+SOS patches by Natureboy7 found here will answer most collisions until my optional RLO version releases. Load his patch(es) after mine.

If you're currently using ELFX, the ELFX+SOS patches by William Imm found here will answer most collisions until my optional ELFX version releases. Load his patch(es) after mine.


Just LOOT it! Loot will sort the files quite simply. Overall, just make sure my patch comes after its masters.

Load AOS patches (not CoT or SoS-related) after mine. Probably well after mine.

Climates of Tamriel optionals (Interiors, Dungeons)
CoT-WeatherPatch snow brightness fixes (Snow-10 or Snow-40) and
CoT-WeatherPatch night levels (NL1, NL2, NL3 or NL4)
need to be loaded after WAO, or merged. (If merging as a new file, load after WAO. JIC.)

For reference, here's the related load order that I use, personally. This is the order the masters are sorted in, but isn't explicitly required. That said, if you're experiencing CTDs, you're missing one of these files, most likely.

ClimatesOfTamriel.esm (amongst your .ESMs)
SoS - The Dungeons.esp
SoS - The Wilds.esp
SoS - Civilization.esp
Supreme Storms - Cot Version.esp


The following patches are resolved (and made unnecessary) by this megapatch (so don't load them!):
SoS - The Wilds-PatchCoT.esp
SoS - The Wilds-PatchCoTSounds.esp
SoS - Civilization-PatchCoT.esp
SoS - Civilization -PatchCoTSounds.esp
AOS_SoS-Civ Patch.esp
AOS_SoS-Wilds Patch.esp
CoT ESS SoSciv Patch.esp
CoT ESS SoSw Patch.esp
CoT ESS CoTsounds Patch.esp
ESS Patch for CoT DG Patch.esp
ESS Patch for CoT DG Patch with SoSw.esp
ESS Patch for CoT Sound DG Patch.esp

Make sure they aren't active in your load order.

Please note, again, that the original mods are the property of their respective authors and this is only a patch. You do require the listed files and my patch does not contain all the contents of any of the originals.

Immersive Sounds (use the related AOS patch) - RECOMMENDED!
Relighting Skyrim
RLO (as mentioned above)
ELFX (as mentioned above)
Real Shelter (use "CoT Weather Patch plus Supreme Storms CoT plus DLC" version. Real Rain and ESS weathers are not recognized yet. On my to-do list.)

CREDITS AND THANKS: All of the original works are required and listed as masters. I'd like to thank the following people for creating these (absolutely amazing) things for me to incorporate. Without them, none of this would be possible.

JJC71 for Climates of Tamriel - Weather - Lighting - Audio
JonusL2D for Expanded Snow Systems
David Jegutidse for Audio Overhaul for Skyrim 2
Minty911 for Lightning during Thunder Storms
Cliffworms for Sounds of Skyrim
MannyGT for Supreme Storms
prod80, Aiyen and Saerileth for Climates of Tamriel - Weather - Patch
PlayerTw0 for Real Rain
The Unofficial Patch Project Team for USKP, UDGP, and UDBP.

Thanks for checking out my little Megapatch (as oxymoronic as that sounds). Please visit the original mod pages and endorse them if you haven't already. While you're here, these are some other mods I would definitely recommend.

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