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"Best before: your third Skyrim playthrough"
"Possibly the fanciest 'fix' to "Paarthurnax" quest out there"
* Warning, Work In Progress * Use in a seperate profile in MO * Warning, Work In Progress *
(except for the 1.0 release, which will get only minor, cosmetic updates)

Checkmate, Skyrim critics!
proudly presenting
A Main Quest augmentation mod

The name of the mod is "Vaticidal", which means 'related to killing a prophet". It is a backstory augmentation of the main questline, so the proper way to play it is to enable this mod, fire-and-forget, and launch your Skyrim. When referring to a full play-through with this mod, the appropriate name is "Skyrim: Vaticided", as in: "Let's play Skyrim: Vaticided". If you are playing the mod content specifically, perhaps to make a review or a trailer, the short form "Vaticidal" sounds better.

BTW,"Vaticided" alone is the name of the penultimate quest introduced by this mod, don't get confused about it.

LAST-MINUTE version 1.0 NOTE:
   - You can find a feature summary description in the README. And It's rot-13 encoded so you can look, but you can't spoil yourself accidentally.

   - for new game, do not use with  Not So Fast - Main Quest; for existing game with this mod, if you're past the MQ already, I guess technically it'll be ok. See below for a detailed conflict analysis.
   - developed on Skyrim + DLCs, but it should work with just Skyrim (and maybe even without SKSE, though I never bothered to try.)
   - compiled relative to the USKP 2.1.3a (current as I'm writing this), so papyrus log errors may appear if you use different USKP version.
   - it features over 100 dialog topics. Still, it's mostly puzzles gameplay and piecing together story bits, currently (the new NPCs, should you pick a fight with them, will turn out to be non-challenges, level 1 or something).
   - Currently the voice-over is under work. Please use Fuz Ro D'oh or similar to cover the empty dialogue. no longer since Vaticidal-0.9RC
   - going from 0.9RC to 1.0 involved playing it through without console commands, and fixing a few things on the way.

"Recommended to play with" mods:
   * Dragon Priest Mask Journal by whickus
   * Angi's Camp - More Archery Training by Ceruulean (UNLESS! you use Rigmor of Bruma - those two don't mix pretty)
   * Better MessageBox Controls by ecirbaf


:: New game: find a new way to escape Helgen - there will be a "tutorial book" with some extra info there. Or just play and watch out for the following:
:: Existing game: go to sleep after beating the Main Quest; and/or a courier delivered letter, depending on Main Quest progress.


Q: So what does this actually do?
A: It adds a little backstory, and some content supporting this new backstory. Essentially every quest mod does so, and this one is no different, except it clings to the main quest so much. By "main quest" I mean also the civil war plotline, since it is so prominent in the vanilla introduction scenes. In other words: If you wanted to GM a table-top rpg campaign based on Skyrim and still surprise your players, this mod would be for you.

Q: Does it involve Direnni Tower / Pellinal Whitestreak / Numidium, etc. lore lore lore?
A: I barely even know what it is 8-) jokes aside, when in doubt, I preferred the stuff that is in Skyrim game in the first place. Nothing outright contradictory with it, and more or less what could be done when making up a game such as Skyrim.

Q: Is it about vampires / werewolves / dark elves / beast races, then?
A: Not really... There were some DLCs or mods about them afair? In fact, this mod does not require DLCs.

Q: Is there a lot of puzzles? And what's the deal with text boxes?
A: Aw, shucks. Turned out I'm not that prolific, so there are pretty much two of them: the silly one to escape Helgen, and the final mother of puzzles, which is more about exploring and piecing bits together. It gets some story presented in the form of text, namely the crude message text boxes of Skyrim. Some of them could be fleshed out into real quests or scenes, some are better left as text.

Q: Will it let me solve the mystery of Dwemer disappearing? kill a Daedric Prince? become the Emperor of Tamriel? become a Daedric Prince, complete with own Oblivion plane and a cult of worshipers praying to me? Or maybe will it add a brother/sister of the player character?
A: Ew, why would you even ask that?

Q: I've heard the Blades quests can be skipped. Anything else I could thank you for not having to repeat on my next Skyrim playthrough?
A: Yes, indeed. Most of it will feel unbalanced once you know what to do. While the Blades questline can be still done regardless (awkward dialogues included), it is not so for every such new shortcut; depending on circumstances, really.

Q: I'd like to voice act in your mod!
A: That's not a question, but I'll be glad to hear it. You can get the vague idea about the NPC cast from this mesmerising video: (and then compare with the most recent mod version, cause in the end you'll have to choose who do you want to voice act).


10/4 - The conflicts were reduced. The rapid growth of quests in the Panasesa branch continues! It'll warrant a full playtesting playthrough. Newly added quests are still unvoiced, or voiced provisionally and tentatively. In the first half of October I am about to finish quest scripting, and in the second half, dialogue lines (voiced or not).

Special thanks to: r/teslore user SimplyShifty, for tweaks to Dragon Cult related in-game texts.


9/4 - In September I'll be working on Panasesa release branch. Panasesa is the name of one of the largest of the Conflict Group islands. And so, this will be less focused on filling in more quest content, and more on conflicts and compatibility. The worst offenders so far are my changes to base vanilla scripts, and most of them, if not all, should be gone with some refactoring. The story flow of Vaticidal 1.0 is going to be preserved; if anything will be missing, it'll be a bug, not a feature.

=== PANASESA (In)Compatiblity report (updated 10/4, valid for Panasesa-0.3.1)
 * no changes to base scripts! no more script patching after every USKP update! hurray!
 * Civil War Overhaul - quest MQ302 form change conflicts - different fields - please merge if using CWO - no longer changing MQ302 form
 * Immersive Player Dialogue (DialogueTweaks.esp): we both tweak some dialogue player texts
  - severity: minor (the worst that can happen is that you'll be role-playing a soothsayer who knows things for no apparent reason)
 * SkyHaven Temple Enhanced - version Jan 2015  carries over quest MQ203 form data in an ITM fashion
- this is important, but it should be enough to put vaticidal.esp after their plugin
- no longer changing MQ203 form
 * Not So Fast - Main Quest - mergeable conflicts on forms: quest MQ105,MQ105Ustengrav,MQ106
   - better not use it with this mod, unless you want to enable this mod on a savegame already advanced past that point in 'not so fast' main quest

    actually, without a patch it should be fine, provided that you place it AFTER this mod in load order, and complete "Blade in The Dark" BEFORE completing "Throat of The World".
 * Legendary Main Quest Expansion - we both alter some mobs: my is making them less melee-happy, theirs is making them tougher. So unless you use a patch to carry over both changes, it is a funny side-effect: depending of your load order, one encounter could be extra challenging!

10/6 - Uploaded compatibility patches for NSFMQ and LMQE to the misc files section.

In general it's recommended to screen for conflicts with Tes5Edit and, if necessary, make a merged/smashed/compatibility patch.
Most crucial, this mod adjusts the "priority" field for a handful of quests, and these changes are needed for proper quest flow in alternate quest orders. Perhaps it won't be possible to fix it on the fly using console commands when some important dialogue hiccups... so be warned.


In August I worked on a release branch changing this mod into a playable&winnable adventure. "It's working! It's working!"

8/29 - updated description for Vaticided 1.0 :-)

8/14 - updated description, but a relevant release is on its way soon.

8/8 - Kukuluba 1.2: misc books and notes; a lot of polishing, fixing teh grammer in texts.

Kukuluba 1.1: "A small step for a modder, but a huge leap for players" - I implemented the logic of puzzle leading to victory. You can now "win" my mod! Hurray! (as far as "winning" is possible here). Still, it is not straightforward, and I don't think anyone sane would jump to complete it without a walkthrough as it is now. However if you intend to do a complete MQ playthrough, it could work as some extra quest to solve.

8/1 - Also, from now on I declare this an open-source project: modders of the world, unite! and hear this:
permission is granted to create and distribute derivative works of this mod, mutual attribution and respect expected. Currently (i.e. as of Kukuluba 1.1) this covers all content of the mod, in future some new assets may be exempt from this general permission. Furthermore, unless such distributed derived work is only a compatibility patch, inclusion in mod compilation, or an utter garbage, by distributing it you automatically let me, or a designated maintainer of this modding project, you allow us to weave it eventually into this project; including, but not limited to, your abandoning of this derived work. Furthermore, if you allow distribution of derived works of your derived work, you should also apply this back-licensing scheme to that derived works; because otherwise it would be a loophole, wouldn't it? Of course you may ask for exceptions in exceptional cases.

MAY 2015

Now let's do a branch named after Kukuluba island. No more about jokes, instead a puzzle. Do you know what a lateral thinking puzzle is? If no, you can read at - one person hosts a puzzle, and players ask Yes/No questions. So I host this mod as a puzzle, and feel free to download it and ask me Yes/No question.

What follows, is that you will shoot your foot if you update a version of this mod within a single playthrough, or if you will install some other mods and risk conflict with this one - because the more the mess, the chances are less - for finding what a "situation" is this mod about.

It's recommended to enable Fuz Ro Doh mod, because the only voice acting I recorded so far as a joke, and new dialogues are sometimes voiceless.

=== (In)Compatiblity report: (started 5/29, modified 8/29, valid for Vaticided 1.0)

 * Not So Fast - Main Quest: CONFLICT! on quests MQ103,...,MQ106
  - our changes are somewhat divergent, for the time being please avoid enabling both together.
  - we both change Horn quest progress and dialogue lines with Delphine, so a version of Not So Fast stripped of this would be technically fine.

 * Civil War Overhaul: clash for quest MQ302 and its qf-script
  - my change there is not so important, so please use theirs, but be careful, CWO ships its scripts as loose files

 * Alternate Start - Live Another Life: has different condition for enabling Froki/Haming dialog
  - severity: very very minor, suggested load order: eh, whatever

 * SkyHaven Temple Enhanced: package for Esbern sitting and reading at temple, I add extra condition, they nullify package target (where to sit at).
  - severity: no idea; should be able to merge relatively easy.
    - on the part of my mod, if you encounter a looney Esbern commuting, on foot, across half of Skyrim, this might be it.

 * Dialogue Tweaks: we both tweak some dialog topic names (i.e. prompts) - severity: minor, likely merge-able

 * Paarthurnax Fix: no conflict detected, but never inspected or tested UPDATE 8/29/2015: yeah, okay... it sort of worked together, but currently with my mod there is no guarantee that the Paarthurnax quest will start at all. We both alter the script QF_MQ301_...pex/.psc, and if their version survives, you'll end up getting "OR Talk to Esbern" journal objective with quest marker during "The Fallen", even if Esbern has not been found yet.

 * Awake, Mannimarco! - they announced that they require Salohkir dead to start their new quest; and with my mod it's possible to skip it, too; will keep an eye on it.
 * USKP - base game scripts are changed relative to USKP version now; this is fine, USKP changes should be preserved.
 * SKSE - so far I think I didn't use anything SKSE provided, but I seldom tested without SKSE
 * official DLCs - so far I have avoided depending on these

APRIL 2015:

I decided to name release branches after Papua New Guinea islands. And this one is called Basilaki. There are no puzzles in Basilaki; consider it a puzzle to guess what they will be, based on what you've already seen. That said, getting from start to the talking giant without cheating could be a little challenging.

4/23 - it's pretty much done at the 0.7 version.

To play Basilaki, start a new game, prisoner, and don't follow Hadvar! May you enjoy it at least half as much as I did making it.
There is a README.txt book with some further information on the table in the juniper mead cellar.


Rahdaanfrod - Teaser mod. Adds a new rare book, placed onto Anise table. The book contains some poetry in giantish. Reading the book allows the player to get extra piece of (slightly interactive) fiction (implemented with custom Message objects, so if you are using a font mod they might be truncated a little).