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APRIL 2015:

Basilaki - so, I've gotten around to get my hands dirty with modding again. I also decided to name release branches with names of Papua New Guinea islands. And this one is called Basilaki. There are no new puzzles nor whatsoever challenges in Basilaki; the voice-acting is outright horrible. Scripting not working? Well, it worked for me - once. Seriously - It's just a small framework to test various things live, figure out compatibility issues in advance, etc.

To play Basilaki, start a new game, prisoner, and don't follow Hadvar! May you enjoy it at least half as much as I did making it.

JULY 2014:

Rahdaanfrod - Teaser mod. Adds a new rare book, placed onto Anise table. The book contains some poetry in giantish. Reading the book allows the player to get extra piece of (slightly interactive) fiction (implemented with custom Message objects, so if you are using a font mod they might be truncated a little).