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Added: 07/07/2014 - 07:54AM
Updated: 30/05/2015 - 07:01AM

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Last updated at 7:01, 30 May 2015 Uploaded at 7:54, 7 Jul 2014

MAY 2015:

Now let's do a branch named after Kukuluba island. No more about jokes, instead a puzzle. Do you know what a lateral thinking puzzle is? If no, you can read at - one person hosts a puzzle, and players ask Yes/No questions. So I host this mod as a puzzle, and feel free to download it and ask me Yes/No question.

What follows, is that you will shoot your foot if you update a version of this mod within a single playthrough, or if you will install some other mods and risk conflict with this one - because the more the mess, the chances are less - for finding what a "situation" is this mod about.

It's recommended to enable Fuz Ro Doh mod, because the only voice acting I recorded so far as a joke, and new dialogues are sometimes voiceless.

=== (In)Compatiblity report: (last modified 5/29)

 * Not So Fast - Main Quest: CONFLICT! on quests MQ103,...,MQ106
  - our changes are somewhat divergent, for the time being please avoid enabling both together.

 * Civil War Overhaul: clash for quest MQ302 and its qf-script
  - my change there is not so important, so please use theirs, but be careful, CWO ships its scripts as loose files

 * Alternate Start - Live Another Life: has different condition for enabling Froki/Haming dialog
  - severity: very very minor, suggester load order: eh, whatever

 * SkyHaven Temple Enhanced: package for Esbern sitting and reading at temple, I add extra condition, they nullify package target (where to sit at).
  - severity: no idea; should be mergeable relatively easy.

 * Dialogue Tweaks: we both tweak some dialog topic names (i.e. prompts) - severity: minor, likely mergeable

 * Paarthurnar Fix: no conflict detected, but never inspected or tested
 * Awake, Mannimarco! - they announced that they require Salohkir dead to start their new quest; will keep an eye on it.
 * USKP - basa game scripts are changed relative to USKP version now; this is fine, USKP changes should be preserved.
 * SKSE - so far I think I didn't use anything SKSE provided, but I seldom tested without SKSE
 * official DLCs - so far I have avoided depending on these, and it's not going to change soon

APRIL 2015:

I decided to name release branches after Papua New Guinea islands. And this one is called Basilaki. There are no puzzles in Basilaki; consider it a puzzle to guess what they will be, based on what you've already seen. That said, getting from start to the talking giant without cheating could be a little challenging.

4/23 - it's pretty much done at the 0.7 version.

To play Basilaki, start a new game, prisoner, and don't follow Hadvar! May you enjoy it at least half as much as I did making it.
There is a README.txt book with some further information on the table in the juniper mead cellar.


Rahdaanfrod - Teaser mod. Adds a new rare book, placed onto Anise table. The book contains some poetry in giantish. Reading the book allows the player to get extra piece of (slightly interactive) fiction (implemented with custom Message objects, so if you are using a font mod they might be truncated a little).