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Duke Patrick's Spears In Skyrim


Required: SKSE

So it turns out this is a player only game mechanics mod. I dislike those myself, but I originally I thought my system would work for NPC as well. ​Unfortunately the animation changes that you can make in the CK for "characters" only work on the player.
It would seem that the behaviour files handle all of the NPC animations.

New in this release!

REV 1.1: Fixed another serious sprint bug that stopped the thrust attacks from working after using the mod for a while. This mod has changed to loose files instead of a BSA because too many other spear mods that players may have previously used use animations that are similar and a BSA is overridden by loose files.
Fixed sprint bug (that stopped the thrust attacks from working) introduced in REV 1.09

REV 1.09: Fix to add the ISATTACKING Bool to the games systems when you SPRINT ATTACK with a spear.

Previous release!

Fix to add the ISBASHING Bool to the games systems when you bash with a spear.
If you use my Duke Patrick's Archery and Heavy Weapons Combat you need to update to 18.05 of that mod as well.

Fixed serious issue were the damage/stagger script was running twice on each hit.

Fix issue were thrusting would not make the actor's health bar appear.

This mod will now communicate with my Duke Patrick's Archery and Heavy Weapons Combat mod rev 18.02 or greater . Now feints, armor gaps, locational damage and the other features of my melee combat mod rev 18.02 will work with the spears. But You may need to adjust your damage WAY DOWN in this Spears mod using the configuration file.

Fixed Walking dead bug.
This happens when you do not check some actor's status before applying staggers.

Fixed error in my script logic that made greatswords and battle axe into spears:

Now will work with Game pad controllers!

Now you may set one custom word for the word filter list to include any weapon name you want.
As long as it is a 2 handed weapon it will be considered a spear by this mod.

Set this in the aadpSpears configuration file.


Finally, Spears In Skyrim!
Even spears from other mods can work.

NO, it does not replace any of the weapons nor any of the normal attack animations. You will have all your normal weapons and attacks PLUS a spear that can be used to do the same kinds of things as weapons (like blocking with the shaft) but also you can do a few powerful thrust attacks!

I had this working YEARS ago using a clever and simple method, all I needed was someone to make a 2handed spear thrust weapon animation.

I used a 1 handed spear thrust animation I found, but I did not want 1h spears! I asked around and looked for animators but no one was interested in making 2h spear animations. So this had to wait, a long time...

Thanks to animator h1zchan this mod now sees the light of day.

What I am doing is a scripting "side step" of the problems the game throws at modders to prevent easy animation modding. My little trick will allow a few spear thrust attacks without removing any of the normal attacks. With my "slight of hand" scripting trick my mod will know you have a spear in your hands and play the spear thrust attacks instead of normal 2h axe attacks. But technically the weapon will be in the class of a 2h axe.

The thrusts will be for the moving back, and moving to the left or right (power and normal) attacks. These are all now powerful attacks and do serious damage unless the target blocks the attack or they get in too close to you or you miss the shot. If they are too close you will not be able to hit them with the thrust.

The moving forward power attack and all the standing attacks will be the normal 2h axe animations.

HOWEVER you can SPRINT with the weapon and RAM THRUST anything in the way as long as you are sprinting at full speed and moving forward.

And you can perform a Buttstroke with the moving forward attack (not the moving forward power attack). This Buttstroke is a type of power attack that will not do a lot of damage (has less impulse force) but will hit with a lot of push force to stagger the victim.

Thrusts and the Buttstoke will NOT work while your stamina is zero!

You will receive two spears when the mod is loaded. There is a LONG heavy spear and a short light spear. These are simple WOOD shafts with a small but nice steel spear head. In latter revisions I will add them to merchants and other containers to be found. I do not use "level lists" in my mods because often my mods need to be loaded last even after the bash patch. I use my own method of distributing such items into the game world.

For now don't lose the free spears as there will be no way to get another one. This will be changed in a latter revision.


YES you can use any 2h spear from any mod IF the spear has the word "spear" (or the words listed below) in the name of the weapon.

The words that this mod will use to recognize spears:

yari, partizan, partisan, gar, lance, lancet, mizrak, lanze, speer, lanza, pike, geirr, spidde, kopi, sulita, kopye, vigr, spjot, oszczep, lancia, pilum, spiculum, javelin, polearm, pole arm.

If any of the above words are in the name of the weapon and it is a 2h weapon this mod will treat it as if it is a spear. I do not intended this to be a complete list, but it should cover most names from most of the world with out requiring complicated "string" conversion and incompatible fonts.

These names were researched and given to me by Mr.Dave of Bobs Armory Mod, see here for his mod of weapons:

Bewared if the spear you get from a mod is ridiculously long or fast (such as anima weapons) you may have issues with the synchronization of the animations and when and where the attack hits. I will ignore anyone asking for mod support cornering this, you have been warned!

How to use the mod:

Because of the critical animation edits you must load this mod LAST no exceptions! Even AFTER the bash patch.

Keep in mind that if you are TOO CLOSE you will not be able to hit (damage) using the thrust and Thrusts will not work while your stamina is zero!

I find the best tactic is to run backwards then thrust as they come in... then immediately block their next attack as they close the distance and then spin a little into a new direction and run backwards and repeat until they are dead!

The spear thrust is not easy to use, you will miss much MUCH more often than with other weapons. However it is a little more difficult for your opponents to block the thrust and when the thrust does hit it is devastating! This is an "all or nothing" weapon that depends on the user not making a mistake. If the opponent overruns you, you will suffer!

But if you can skillfully land your thrust before that happens you will do 2x the damage shown in the weapons menu less the mitigated damage from armor and magic protections. The two handed skill, armor, magic damage protection and smithing bonuses all are including in this!

It may be best not start this mod until you are completely out of the tutorial part of the game (Helgen and the caves of Helgen). Many kinds of mods have issues with the TES tutorials (in Oblivion as well). It is just a much more complicated game environment for the scripts.

User Damage Modification Settings

As I was trying to keep the scripting light weight I had to choose between two possible conditions for the damage done in the Move Back Thrust.

One is that the target is ramming himself onto your spear as they chase you (as you are backing up) but then your stop dead to brace the thrust.

The other is were they stand in one place and allow you to back up into the best range to then stab at them from afar.

I chose the first. As such the physics of the moving target mass and the focused force on the point of the spear and the devastating angle of incidence (90 degrees more or less, this is not a swing like with other weapons) equals a serious amount of stopping power and damage!

But the spear is only good when you are behind some cover that the opponent cannot pass (the same as with arrows, so I do not really care that this may be an issue for spears) or you have a wide open space to fight and you do not have to worry about tripping while you are backing up. Try doing this with a combat mod (such as my own) that trips you when you move backwards over obstacles. OR even without such a mod try this in the twisting hallways and small rooms of a castle or cave

However, unlike my other combat mods I am trying to make this mod work for all the players that have been yearning for spears ever since 11.11.11.

So I am offering a way for the user to make tweaks to the thrust damage:

Go into the console and type:

set aadpDamMod to 2.0

set aadpBackWardDamMod to 2.0

set aadpSprintDamMod to 4.0

set aadpButtStokeDamMod to 0.5

The above numbers are the defaults.

Known Issue:

Naturally with skyrim modding there are caveats...

At this time this mod only works in third person. Once H1zchan can figure out the 1st person animations he said he will make them, I will update this mod then.

Spear thrust will not deliver poisons nor magic enchainment. Anyone that wants to contribute scripting that will handle this is free to contact me about this and will have my gratitude and be credited. I probably could struggle through this myself and get something working in a week or 4 but I have another mod that needs the my time more than this feature does.


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I only answer questions for this mod here:

Look for or "Duke Patrick" mods and you will find me.


Thanks to H1zchan for allowing me to use his animations. If this mod is not right for you I strongly encourage you to try his animation replacer mod :

He has found a good "balance" between the 2h weapons and the spear so that they both work well in Skyrim.

Thanks for spear name research done by Mr.Dave of Bobs Armory Mod.
see here for his mod of weapons:
REV 1.1: Fixed another serious sprint bug that stopped the thrust attacks from working after using the mod for a while. This mod has changed to loose files instead of a BSA because too many other spear mods that players may have previously used use animations that are similar and a BSA is overridden by loose files.