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Taken Veterans - Balanced Character Builds

Shank the Male Argonian
Snee the Female Argonian
Spike the Male Kahjiit
Sliver the Female Kahjiit

Meet the Beast-Race Infiltrators. Artists of the ambush, these shadow walkers use Illusion magic to remain unseen and unheard as they eliminate the opposition one sneak attack at a time.

The Infiltrator loves a challenge, and lives for the rush of the close up critical strike. Chaotic Neutral in outlook, they relish any opportunity to shake up the system, if only just a little bit. In fact they were on their way to Skyrim to do just that, when they were picked up and placed on this cart full of prisoners.

The Infiltrator has 29 unallocated Perk Points, 240 Magicka, 200 Health, and 150 Stamina

Beast Infiltrator Initial Skill Ranks:
Sneak, Illusion, One-Handed 75
Alchemy, Pickpocket, Lockpicking, Speech, Light Armor 50
Conjuration, Heavy Armor, Two-Handed, Destruction, Enchanting, Block, Smithing, Restoration, Alteration, Archery 15

3*(75*76/2) + 5*(50*51/2) + 10*(15*16/2)
= 16,125 Total Experience Spent In Skills

Beast Infiltrator Initial Spell Arsenal:
Muffle, Frenzy, Rally, Invisibility, Pacify, Rout

Beast Infiltrator Shouts:
Throw Voice (Zul Mey Gut)
Marked for Death (Krii Lun Aus)

Beast Infiltrator Powers:
Prowler's Profit (Hidden but active. Find many more jewels.)

2.0 Fixed egregious math error. Added Powers and Shouts
Whenever a character earns a rank, r, in a skill they gain r experience. So when a character has 0 in all skills they have zero experience, and when they have 100 in all skills, at level 81.5, they have 90,900 experience. A level 30 character should have about 15,865 total experience summed from their skills.

Taken Veterans should look good with any texture or mesh mods you may use, if any. The mods used in the screenshots include:
Face Textures (Female): Coverwomen
Face Textures (Male): Detailed Faces

Look in the discussions area for the batch commands allowing you to make a veteran out of a character you've created yourself!

More Info:
Experience Table
Tips on making your own veterans

Drop a Taken Veteran save game in your Saves folder and load it up. See what you think!