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The GIF probably plays a little too slow in the browser; the videos work better.


Replaces some animations for females.

These animations are a by-product of my little research project to create (tools for creating) physically plausible animations.

I'm pretty happy with the run and the sprint, but the walk needs more work. The default walk is a little too slow, so I'll probably create a new animation for faster walking.


Walk (forward), run, sprint for females.


The mod comes with a fomod script which lets you choose which animations to use.

I suggest you install the mod with all animations enabled first, try it out, then reinstall again with the ones you liked.

I recommend Mod Organizer, it's a really great program. I don't use NMM anymore, but I'm told that the installer works.

Known Problems

  • The run animation was created for normal running speed (light armor). If your heavy armor/weapon is slowing you down, the animation will look wrong. I may release a different run for heavy armor users in the future, but then it's going to look wrong on light armor.
  • The new 360 option doesn't work well with an analog controller. Will be fixed in the next version.
  • The sprint looks rather stupid with a shield equipped. -> Use a mod that automatically unequips the shield when you sheath your weapon.
  • In 0.4 I added animations for the sheathed sword and mace. This looks super weird if you changed the position of the sword/mace, e.g. strapped to the back. -> Use 0.3 for now please. Guess I'll have to make this animation optional in the future...
  • You have a custom skeleton and the torch doesn't work? -> Run FNIS with the "Skeleton Arm Fix" patch enabled.


Well. It's not working too well with cloaks - there's a lot of clipping at the feet and the arms. I'm not going to scale down the arm movement just for cloaks. The best solution would be cloaks animated by physics. In theory they could be hand-animated, too. But for any of this to work, a custom skeleton is required that allows the cloaks to be animated. XPMS does that, but the cloak mods like "Cloaks of Skyrim" don't use this skeleton. Not much I can do.

I've spent a lot of time trying to fix these cloak issues already, to no avail. So until the cloak mods start using a different skeleton, my final words on this subject are: If you're using a giant piece of cloth to hide your player you're not gonna see the animations anyways -> Install the 360 walk mod.

Plans for the future (no promises, no dates)

Better walk (less catwalky)
Male version (sprint and run)
Once the run/walk is finished: Left/right/forwardleft/forwardright looking forwards (not in the running direction)

Thank You

Thank you for all the kind words and the endorsements. Even in this unfinished state this mod has more endorsement than Animated Shout Farting, so I'm really happy with that. No, but seriously, these mean Youtube comments at the top of this page are greatly outweighed by all the positive feedback so far. Thanks! <3


Great sprint reference