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Welcome to Talos Safe Haven mod.

This mod is a secret, safe place for Dragonborn to retreat.

This area is a mountainlocked place in the bordering Cyrodiil mountains, south of Riften. This has a Talos Shrine with crazy Talos worshippers, a cave as an home, a wolf (and some NPC's) as your follower, a small quest and an one way ticket to Sovngarde. Because it's located south of Riften, with a lower latitude, it feels/looks warmer than the southern holds of Skyrim.
Like my other mods, this is extra worldspace, again behind the Skyrim borders.

NB.: Dragonborn DLC is needed. This mod can be linked with my other mod Nyhus.


  • A Talos Shrine, NPC's, a small quest and new spell book in an area with a temperate climate
  • A cave with player's chest, suitable for a Dragonborn who doesn't need too much luxery.
  • A Wolf as follower
  • Another Talos Shrine with a friendly dragon
  • One way ticket to Sovngarde
  • As always; Terrible voiceacting and stupid jokes
  • TalosSafeHaven can be linked with┬ámy other mod Nyhus and the Border of Cyrodiil


You have to edit the file Skyrim.ini. There are two locations where you can find this file. You should not
have the one in your Skyrim data folder, where you put the mods for
example, but the one in your General folder (I think it is: User/My
Documents/My Games/Skyrim).
If you found the Skyrim.ini file, type: bBorderRegionsEnabled=0 in the section [General]. That should work.

There could be some grammar mistakes; I am sorry. I am Dutch, not English.

May Talos guide you and good luck;


ps.: You want more?
Nyhus and the border of Cyrodiil
Haafstad and the border of High Rock
Folkstead and the Border of Hammerfell
Both mods are built behind the borders of Skyrim.