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Last updated at 6:15, 3 Dec 2014 Uploaded at 21:54, 2 Jul 2014

Thanks for taking a look at my first mod!

V1.2 released!
Altered the transportation method of getting to the island from Skyrim.
Added another island and a system to teleport between the two.
Added crates with respawning food and drink on both islands(if I can get them to function they will evolve into npcs that will trade with you)
Attempted navmesh repairs, some spots may still be dysfunctional.
Fixed the normal/gloss lighting issue with the sand.
Boosted the light inside the house, making it brighter.
Changed Nocturnal into an actual shrine with bonuses.
Named storage.
Added Workbench and Grindstone.

V1.1 released!
Home is now called "Summer Retreat" instead of Jorrvaskr.
Added basement with four chests, four mannequins, and three weapon racks. Also a small pool with 3 small waterfalls.
Added sand pool outside, with a diving rock and two more log benches. (send me your screenshots!)
Added spell tome for teleportation, found on the Enchanting table.
Added apothecary satchels and barrels for storage of ingredients, potions, poisons, and enchanting supplies.
Added a little bit of foliage.
Various minor fixes, including ropes on the boat dock.
You still don't own the food and plates on the main table. Just imagine that it belongs to your followers or something.

This is Serene Shores, a player home/worldspace.
If you're like me, you want to have a nice beach without turning your entire Skyrim into FarCry3. I had tried other island mods but they didn't really have what I wanted. If you're not like me then you probably won't download the mod! :P

It's not really lore-friendly, its primary purpose is screenshots.

To get to the island you need to find the hatch in Riften, left of Mistveil Keep where the guards train, you should see it in between a practice dummy and some barrels.

To get to the island, you need to travel to "Western Shoreline". It's way over to the left of the map, near the boundary line. There you will find transport. Can't just have anyone finding the island now can we?

The area features a roundish island with Jorrvaskr's long lost cousin in the middle of it. Inside there is bedding and seating for up to 8 followers, along with 12 chests for storage and everything needed for crafting. Outside there are a few little things set up to help with screenshots( a large tree, a small boat, some logs around a campfire). The mod only uses vanilla assets at the moment, or alterations of them.

Please look at the ReadMe included in the download. It mentions a few of the little issues I've found on my own. There will likely be more I haven't discovered since it's my first mod.
I also recommend using a clean save when loading in the first time, just for safety.

This is the extent of my description. As this is my first mod, it is really fairly simple. It is fully navmeshed for followers and as stated before the main purpose of the area is screenshots. They seem to stop moving when you leave the house. Just stand near them and start slowly walking away and they should follow. They also only use the back door for some reason. Will look for a fix in future versions. 

I hope you enjoy the mod if you choose to download! Who knows, if this does well I might update the area and add things on request :)

Youtube tutorials from BestInSlot and Shawkab

Enb in the screenshots- Kountervibe ENB Extensive with RLO
Water- Realistic Water Two
Halo's Poser (for screenshots)

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This section will be further updated with suggestions from you guys :)