Standalone Armor for TBD Body by Playingskyrim
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Last updated at 15:47, 25 Sep 2014 Uploaded at 19:42, 1 Jul 2014

This is a stand-alone and craftable version of the majority of themilkdrinker's Touched by Dibella armor and clothing included in his TBD body mod. All of his 1.3 version armor is available and the majority of the clothing has been converted. The clothing not currently converted will not be converted.

This armor will also work with Touched by Dibella - Enchanced by urgarulga. However, the meshes in this mod do not support TBBP/HDT.

The armor is craftable at any forge, with the exception of the Ancient Nord armor, which is only craftable at the SkyForge. The clothing is craftable at any tanning rack under Hide, with the exception of the TBD Wedding Wreath, which is under Jewelry. I have also placed an armor urn inside the Temple of Dibella in Markarth which is useable after completing The Heart of Dibella quest.

There are some minor tweaks to some of the clothing stats, as well as some special requirements for crafting a few of them.

Installation - NMM recommended.

If you find errors relating to craftability, typos, anything labeled incorrectly, or any of themilkdrinker's armor conversions missed, please send me a PM. Issues relating to the meshes should be directed to themilkdrinker.

Pics taken at shadowdef's massive castle home mod, Thorn Vale Keep.

The followers used for pics are modified or past versions of TPFollowers and Danariel Stormbow Follower with Body Changer.