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Screenshot Hotkeys

If you'd like to suggest some features for this mod, please visit the suggestions forum thread.

I'd love it if you posted some screenshots you've made while using this mod.
Just click on the Add button action below the gallery of pictures above and submit a pic.
No skimpy photos. If you submit any they will be rejected.

Please endorse this mod if you liked it. I would appreciate it very much.

The Goal

TL; DR: Screenshot Hotkeys gives you a quick and easy way to utilize many screenshot-related functions with the tap of a single key. A full list of features can be found below.

Screenshot Hotkeys, also known as SHOT (ScreenshotScreenshot Hotkeys), is a mod designed to give a far easier way to take quality screenshots by binding commonly used functions to customizable hotkeys. What kind of commonly used functions? Well, things like toggling the entire HUD, zooming in, and using the free fly camera (2.0+ only) can now be done with the tap of a key. You can disable or enable any hotkeys you want, so you don’t have to use all of the features in SHOT if you don’t want to. A list of all the features can be found in the Features section below.

SkyUI 4.1+
SKSE 1.6.16+

Any version above 2.0 absolutely requires PapyrusUtil.
To see what functions are available in the non-PapyrusUtil version, look at the Features section below.

FAQFrequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does this require PapyrusUtil? I don’t want to use PapyrusUtil!
A: One of the most requested features of this mod was the ability to go into “free cam mode” by tapping a hotkey. This wasn’t possible with Skyrim’s default scripting language, but PapyrusUtil makes it possible. Still, I recognize not everybody wants to download another mod, or they can’t, so there is a non-PapyrusUtil version of the mod, though it doesn’t have the Free Cam Mode, and will be updated later than the normal version. I am working on a full version that doesn't require PapyrusUtil! I promise. But it will take some time - what with life, my vacation, and learning how to do it without requiring PapyrusUtil. So please, please be patient. But it is coming.
Q: The free cam sent me out in space… [And other free cam issues]
A: I’m working on fixing that, and any other free cam issues. However, I often have the free cam send me out in space or very far away when using the console command, so I believe that’s a vanilla issue. Still, I’m working on it!
Q: How do I change the hotkey?
A: Open up your Skyrim menu, and choose Skyrim Mod Configuration. Select Toggle HUD and then choose the hotkey option. You can change the hotkey by selecting a new key.
Q: Why isn't the hotkey working?!!
A: To use the toggle HUD hotkey, you have to enable it first in the MCM. You also can't disable the menus while in a menu, to avoid accidentally turning off the menus while you're trying to do something in a menu.
Q: Uh... Have you never seen iHUD before? It does the exact same thing, idiot!
A: Before you make any claims like that, I recommend reading the description of Immersive HUD and comparing the list of features there to the features in THUD. Nowhere on iHUD's mod page does it say that you can toggle the entire HUD with a single hotkey. And that is what this mod does. So clearly, iHUD is not the exact same thing as this mod.


This is a full list of the features added by SHOT. Features marked with an asterisk (*) cannot be used in the non-PapyrusUtil version.

- A hotkey to toggle your entire HUD on and off
- A hotkey to toggle the free cam off*
- Customizable speed and “freezability” of free cam (whether it will freeze everything)*
- A hotkey to set a customizable time
- The ability to disable/enable each hotkey individually


Installation With NMM (Nexus Mod Manager)

1. Download the mod with NMM.
2. Activate it.
3. Play.

Manual Installation

1. Download the file.
2. Drop the Data folder into your Skyrim folder, or extract the contents of the Data folder into your Skyrim/Data folder. Overwrite if necessary.
3. Activate SHOT.esp when you launch Skyrim.


NMM Uninstallation

1. Double click the mod in NMM.
2. You're done.

Manual Uninstallation

1. Delete the following files, or their Non-PapyrusUtil equivalents:
It’s only necessary to delete the .pex and .esp
- SHOT.esp (under Skyrim/Data)
- SHOTControlScript.pex (under Skyrim/Data/Scripts)
- SHOTControlScript.psc (under Skyrim/Data/Scripts/Source)
- SHOT.seq (under Skyrim/Data/SEQ)
2. You're done.

Updating SHOT

If you download a new version of SHOT, all the hotkeys will be reset and disabled by default. You will have to manually open up the MCM again and change the hotkeys. I’ve tried to keep the default hotkeys ones that aren’t often used though – for example, I won’t make X a default hotkey since that is the one used in iHUD to toggle the compass.
If you’re updating from a prior version of SHOT where it was still called THUD, be sure to uninstall the old version.

Future Plans

SHOT will be updated whenever I think of new features to add. If you have any ideas to make taking screenshots or videos easier, post in this thread and I'll see if it's possible.

My priorities for this mod right now:

- Take a vacation! :P I'll be gone from July 6th to July 27th, with no computer, so there won't be any updates to SHOT in that time period... :(
- Find a way to not require PapyrusUtil.
- Re-add an improved zoom feature.
- Add an effect similar to this mod? (Suggested by IsharaMeradin)
- Get suggestions from you guys.


Thanks to IsharaMeradin for the help with some of the scripting. Without her, this mod would not be made. Really.
Thanks to the author of PapyrusUtil for creating a mod that extends the functionality of Skyrim scripting so well.
Thanks to Mofakin for making Hotkey Mod, which I used as a reference.