zzjay's wardrobe - UNPB and 7B BBP Conversion by Robton
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Added: 29/06/2014 - 09:22PM
Updated: 21/09/2014 - 09:55PM

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Last updated at 6:55, 22 Sep 2014 Uploaded at 6:22, 30 Jun 2014

Warning some clipping may occur, especially in certain poses.

Tha pants in the SevenBase Version are made for the Bombshell Body, and may clip with armors using the Cleavage body. The weight slider on the 7B pants don't work for some reason. 

I strongly recommend mixing this with other armor sets.

First make sure you have a Sevenbase body with a propper skeleton for it. If you haven't
get it here:
For the UNPB Version, get the UNPB body here:
and then install an compatible skeleton like this one:
Then download zzjay's Wardrobe here:
Then install this, overwrite everything. Using either Mod Organizer, NMM or manuall install method.

My video

zzjay for the awesome clothing and giving me permission to convert and release it.
mkenny95 for support, testing and screenshots.
NeonFirefly for mod idea, support, testing and screenshots.
Shockero for tips on fixing the Breast Clipping issue.