The Egg Of Time - Dwemer artifacts from Morrowind by LorSakyamuni
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So, you are a treasure hunter and you want to collect even more dwemer clutter and items.
This mod brings 10 dwemer artifacts from The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and some nostalgia.
There's only one of each item. Good luck finding them!
(Hint: check the dwemer ruins and Markarth!).

REQUIREMENTS: Latest version of Skyrim + Dragonborn

- Rare Dwemer Coherer
- Rare Dwemer Cylinder
- Rare Dwemer Mug
- Rare Dwemer Pitcher
- Rare Dwemer Bowl
- Rare Dwemer Goblet (1)
- Rare Dwemer Goblet (2)
- Rare Dwemer Schematics
- Book: The Egg Of Time
- Book: Divine Metaphysics


Shadow of Morrowind
Dwemer Coin
Insanitys Dwemer Weapons
Dwemer Beards


  • Insanity: dwemer resources.