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Compatible with Interesting NPCs.
Compatible with 'ETAC' Expanded Towns & Cities.
Not Compatible With Open Cities.

Provincial Courier Service" by Arthmoor: Will prevent the letter from being delivered by the courier, so please disable this mod before you start the quest.

If you have already spoken to the Greybeards, go and talk to Arngeir, the quest is triggered by speaking to him.

( If constantine does not talk to you, after you have received the note and gone to the House of Zel, exit to load screen, then reload your game. Its a bug Helgen reborn has this issue to. He should then speak to you.)

High above the ancient city of Markarth the Thalmor are laying plans for war.

Safe within the Four Towers they prepare in secret, completely isolated from the rest of the world. An ancient Dwemer Device thought lost in the days of the Red Mountain has been discovered, and with it the Thalmor will scatter the people of Skyrim to the four winds.

Their only hope for survival is you! Can you (with the aid of Constantine, who is waiting conveniently in the House of Zel... near the stables outside Markarth) find a way to stop the Thalmor's agenda and the destruction of the people of Skyrim?

-An hour plus quest providing a real challenge.

-Fully tested. I ran this on Master settings and found it to be hard work but enjoyable.

I don't want to say too much, but when you reach Skybound Temple, the cell has been navmesh'ed into zones. (So there will be safe spots to hide if you're feeling the heat. But bows and spells don't care about navmesh so be careful!)

In regards to lore, I would appreciate any feedback. I have tried to be lore friendly as possible. In fact, it is a very important aspect to this story so I want it to be right.
If any of you notice anything wrong then please let me know.

Updates will come if needed with feedback, so please be objective, fair, and rate. Endorse if you like.

PART 2 of this story will be produced later in the year, after TPOS MOD SERIES has been developed further. ( Update Part 2 Started. 4/7/2014 )

This mod has been made in advance as a thanks to Teabag86, VasMere, Agnusthemagi, Maelfactor, rightfuture, and all of you whom have given me support and made me feel like learning more growing and extending these mods. Thank-you so much folks!




The point of these mods is to make the villages, settlements, roads and cities feel alive and vibrant leaving a greater sense of reality and immersion to the game.

I have started with Riverwood and intended to go through the towns and cities one by one.

NPCs Interact with the environment, and travel to other cities.

Family Relations and Structures To Be Developed.

I imagine these mods will change a lot along the way with feedback. I hope this gives you some idea of the thought process behind my motivation for this series of mods.

Regards Nesbit.