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2.How it works
3.Development Stage
4.Where to start
6.What can you expect from me
7.Bugs,issues or Ideas


Currently Alpha stage i am building a Dungeon mod with its own armor, weapon, spell and monster scaling system,
simmilar to Diablo.
My plan is to create 7 underground city's, 49 dungeons, customized weapons, armor, enchantments, spells and a variety of different monsters all linked together to create the ultimate hack&slash dungeon mod.

* ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE dungeons to explore
* A LOT of customized weapons, armor, spells and unique enchanted items.
* Tons of monsters, Tons of killing, Tons of fun ^^

2.How it works

Each city will grant access to 7 different dungeons and each dungeon will grant access to seven sub levels (depths) including a boss at the end of each dungeon and a small
boss at every depth. 3 Dungeons will be mandatory to complete in order to gain access to the next city.
Each Dungeon will have it's own difficulty level, harder enemies and better loot as you pass each depth.
ALL Items and Spells are customized specifically to the dungeon's.
This mod is Best played from a new character, since the current version wont provide much challenge,
to leveled players and the the current loot is low level so it wouldn't be rewarding either, although
the npc's scale up to level 18 not including the boss.

NOTE: Mod has been based of 1:1 damage ratios to player and by player, this means that if you play
through the dungeon on any other difficulty level other than adept (Normal) or you are using a mod
that affects this ratio, or global values such as damage multipliers to player or by player, it can
seriously screw up the balancing.
(Skyre really messes my mod because it changes the global damage multiplier values)
Currently i cant make a skyre compatible version because i do not own the dlc's needed to run skyre,
if you sue skyre or any mod alike try increasing the difficulty level of the game until your satisfied
with the combat.


3.Development Stage (Early Alpha)

Mod currently features a small underground city and one dungeon full of enemies with that increase in levels, and drop better loot as you go deeper,
I'm still working on the city and the first dungeon here is a list of what i will be adding/finishing in the next and future versions:

- The Merchants function but their inventory's are not finished, they will be getting updated as i
add new items to the mod.
- In the next Version i will be adding customized spells for the player.
- Side routes in each depth with "Small" Bosses
- More enchanted jewelry, armors, weapons
- Unique items aside from the standard enchantment classes
- I will finish the boss room, the dungeon and the city will be getting tweaks.

If there is anything that you think or feel should, could or shouldn't be in this mod please
let me know in the comments or if your afraid of "public speaking" you can personally message me,
i can't express enough how important feedback is to me, whether it is something big or small, it is equally important to me.

4.Where to start
A Map Marker will Be added your world map west of riverwood called Hell Gate


- If your updating Delete the acm.esm and overwrite the old doh.esp

First time installation:
- Download the file
- Extract the file with winrar
- Copy the data folder to your skyrim directory
- Open up your skyrim launcher and tick Depth's of Hell.esp

6.What can you expect from me

- Constant responses to all comments
- Constant updates
- I will not drop this mod, something i keep seeing people start off with big aspirations for their mods and drop them half way i will not be that modder.

7.Bugs,issues or ideas
If you find or come up with any post them in the comments please