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A little utility by Noobo

Tired of seeing NPCs doing nothing? want to make them do 'stuff'? sweep your house? read a book? sit by the fire, or maybe relax by the hotsprings (like those hunters)
Heres the mod for you!

This collection of bat files allow you to spawn 'markers' which tell an idle NPC to act out an animation of your choosing!

o Sit (cross legged)
o Lay
o Leanrail
o Leantable
o Leanwall
o Meditate
o Worship
o Warm (stand and crouch around a fire)
o Sweep
o Repair (hammer the wall)
o Read
o Drunk singing
o Woundedsit
o Woundedlay

Place all the txt. files in your Skyrim ROOT folder (the folder with TESV.exe or C/Programfiles/Steam/SteamApps/Common/Skyrim)

1)Simply open your command console ([~] key)
2)Type: bat sit (or warm/read/sweep, whichever takes your fancy)
3)Your NPC should (when idle) go to the spot where you entered the command and do the action

These bats place a marker for idle animations. It will affect any NPC that is idle – that includes your housecarl and spouse at home.

Some NPC's will not use these markers, simply because they will never 'idle'. This applies to Town guards, travelers and some shopkeepers - To remedy this, some variants of guards will idle, just use the - help "guard" 0 - search function in console to track their base ID down.

It is very difficult to select and disable these markers once placed. So please SAVE before placing them because you might not be able to remove them.

This should not have any conflict with any mod, it simply a vanilla use of the bat function to spawn an idle marker

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There is no need to credit me if you use this, I am simply utilizing the console commands to make a nice little utility.