Fairies of Skyrim by Pyrokensei
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Added: 24/06/2014 - 02:59PM
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This Mod adds fairies to skyrim’s wilderness. The fairies are friendly and do not attack. They make an excellent light source at night time.

The fairies can be found all over skyrim. there is a breeding site near whiterun where lots of them congregate. but don't worry, i put a cap on their population.

thanks to hodilton for the video

this is what the breeding site looks like

thanks to Slytra for the video

credits to Praveen for his Navi follower mod




This mod only adds new references and meshes to the game so there should be no conflict with any other mod.

Update 1.1

:fixed spawning- Fairies shouldn't follow player indoors or spawn at player in mass anymore, also there :shouldn't be any massive spawning of fairies
:made fairies kill-able - when they die they stop moving and you can loot them for fairy wings to eat
:fairies should heal themselves when low on health

Update 1.2

:Improved the AI of the fairies - they should now be more active, flying around and bumping into each other
:added fairy dust ingredient - can be looted off dead fairies

Update 1.3

:added fairy death effects -Fairies now turn to dust when killed !

Thanks for trying the mod ~(=^‥^)_旦~