Ezia - Assassin's Creed inspired follower by Aisaka and TheDNightshade
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As a huge Assassin's Creed fan, I decided to make a character like Ezio in my Skyrim. Also I chose to make a female version of him. I decided to make it this way because I like character genderbend and I like making characters from one games in another games :D So if you're also an AC fan and want to bring something inspired by this series to your Skyrim - Ezia is good choice for you :)
Please note: this follower is a reference to the particular character (Ezio) so it means that it will look the way I created it. That's why she is standalone and with her particular Assassin's Creed themed outfit. Also I will not make any other versions with moving boobs, makeuped face textures and so on, it's not important because she is not another one smexy female follower and not intended to wear chainmail bikinis, dresses, etc.

- Fully standalone follower: includes face textures, hair and Regal Huntsman outfit
- The outfit is retextured
- Hand-drawn assassin's lip scar
- Marriageable and essential
- Compatible with follower overhaul mods

Ezia will have same level as main character and level up with you. She has bunch of useful perks on one-handed weapons, light armor, stealth, lockpicking and magic resistance. Focused on dual swords and light armor (don't know how it works in vanilla game, but in my game with Ultimate Follower Overhaul mod she uses both her swords in combat). She may be not very suitable for low-level characters (under 10 lvl for example) and on low difficulty level of the game, but is quite fine for higher difficulty levels.

Just unpack the archive and place files to your Data folder, replace if prompted and activate Ezia.esp in the game launcher. 
You may find Ezia hanging around in The Ragged Flagon (Riften), she will join you for free.

[There is two versions of esp: the default main archive contains an esp for Ezia with lowered hood. And in "Optional" folder you may find an esp with a black hood on (you can also equip and unequip it). Choose a version you like, use only one esp!
Concerning the hooded version: when you will come to her, you may see Ezia without hood. But she will equip it as soon as you will get out from the severs to Riften street. If she will not, just take the hood from her inventory and give it back, she will equip it then.
this info concerning versions 1.0 and 1.1, not relevant for 1.2 version, read changes below]

v.1.0 - File released, fully standalone, no requirements. Version with XCE textures and optional .esp for equipped hood.
v.1.1 - Added version with another one good lore-friendly texture set - Real Girls.

v.1.2 - Added script for hood equip. Now Ezia automatically equips it outdoors and unequips indoors. If you want to take screenshots without hood or something, you may just take it out from her inventory. The hood will respawn.
Dawnguard DLC is required for this version!

Thanks to my dear friend TheDNightshade for all help and contribution to this mod
Thanks to Xenius for XCE face textures
Thanks to Zonzai and Seren4XX for Real Girls
Thanks to Apachii for Hair
Thanks to DreamBurrow for Regal Huntsman Armor
Thanks to Jgreybear for parts from AlfheimRobes
Thanks to Ubisoft for such awesome series as Assassin's Creed and such beautiful and inspiring character as Ezio
Thanks to Bethesda for Skyrim
Thanks to GonzoZero, TheDNightshade, jesusoden, Nevernis, Leyzerbi and Azalya123 for testing and awesome screenshots

Permission note: you are not allowed to modify, translate, upload this mod to other sites without permissions.

P.S. On some screenshots you may see outfit not retextured, SG hairstyle, Cabal's gloves and another scar. It's because they were taken much earlier and there's my Ezia playable char from which the follower was copied. Ezia follower mod contains Apachii hairstyle, assassin scar, retextured outfit and our own gloves textures.

In celebration of 555th Birthday of Ezio Auditore da Firenze