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Added: 24/06/2014 - 10:09AM
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Last updated at 2:29, 28 Jun 2014 Uploaded at 10:09, 24 Jun 2014

There aren't enough replacement mods for male followers, especially this guy. For as much use as I get out of him I thought he was deserving of a makeover.

This is a unique face created in Race Menu, so now this vanilla follower wont look horrible next to your lovely, customized dragonborn. It is intended to be lore-friendly, though the end result will vary depending on your texture mods.

There are two versions available. One that uses Apachii skyhair and one that keeps the vanilla style. Both raise his maximum level to 80 and replace the ugly adept robes with a set of expert ones. Also, it removes the annoying chain lightning spell. He'll use icy spear instead.


For those who don't know exactly what this mod does -
His head mesh was exported from a plugin and then sort of glued over the old one using another program. Once installed any edits made to his data using CK or console will probably cause an error. Specifically the mismatched texture bug where the head will be lighter than the body.

However, you can safely use a general follower mod to edit data aside from his appearance. Just be sure to set it before my mod on the load order.

Drop it into the Skyrim data folder and override if prompted.

Required Mods:
Apachii Skyhair

The male set is needed for the Apachii hair version of Marcurio.

Recommended Mods:
These are the mods used in my screen shots. Some of them are NSFW.

Total Character Makeover

Windsong Overhaul (Occidental + Better male Body version shown in screens)

CMO (Balanced version shown.)

Xenius Character Enhancement
(If you prefer the vanilla look.)

EotW Mage Robes (For the robe retexture.)