Druglords of Skyrim by Winking Owl
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Druglords of Skyrim
Made by the Winking Owl team

We do not endorse the use of drugs in any way... We are not Heisnberg
This mod is meant only for the sake of FUN & ENJOYMENT

We are also in open testing. I need to have a file ready for the users, so I took upon myself and start uploading the mod. I will update the file once a week. There will still be a lower case of daily alpha testing done by me and my friend. Every one can check this mod out. It really not much. But if you find something really wrong let me know and I will try to fix it.

To open any of the doors, you have to picklock them or find the keys. The first key is near the main house door. The other two are hidden somewhere in the house. I will be waiting for your feedback. The mod is really small and should not collide with any other mod. Do get there you have to fast travel to Var`Shir Camp. Its near Whiterun, Basically next to the bandit camp that´s past the first dragon encounter after Helgan

Have you ever felt that Skyrim does not have a druglord, or do you wana have your own drug empire? Well in that case this mod is just for you. Just a team of two friends will try to bring you a lore friendly mod, as lore friendly as we possibly can, that will bring a drug empire to the game.

An old Kahjit clan know only as Iko Kha´jay is long forgotten by common folk but remember by some from scrolls of old. The clan was known as the best and biggest skooma makers in the last 16 kingdoms, after The Thrassian Plague the Iko Kha´jay clan lost a lot of members. Brothers from the Var´Shir family are the last Manes know to man or other creature. But Elsweyr is big and nobody really knows who may still roam the jungles.(The mod will have different books that will have a detailed story of the Var´Shir and Ika Kha´jay)
Now the last brothers Ri´Dar and Ma´Jos have settled in Skyrim after traveling around Tamriel since kittens. They have set a camp up to give the Skyrim caravans a place to stock and rest in the harsh trading and discrimination of the people of Skyrim, but is that the only thing they offer. The family is known by history as Skooma dealers and makers. There is no evidence of them selling skooma anymore but is that really the case?

In the mod
What we want to make this mod have:
*Khajiit trading camp
*A new dungeon
*New NPC
*Bunch of new books
*A new custom flag and some other items
*Different race quest starts
*Working your way up in the drug empire
*Owning an empire
*Upgrading possibility for your empires camp
*Costume quality skooma by how you make it
*Bigger Skooma market
*Custom event with drug busts and such
*Maybe some new armor and even bottles for skooma, but as I have no skill in modeling and such skill lacks in my friends also this may come in really near future

Our plan is to release the Beta of this mod in the end of summer or in the middle of autumn, the late Beta in the late winter and the full version in 2015. Yes as I only have 40% of the dungeon ready this mod will take some time, but with some patience this mod will slowly grow. Because I´m quite new to modding and my friend has no skill what so ever and will only stay to story board and testing I will have to do it all by my self. Of course If you think you could help its well accepted. I will start looking for testers also in the beginning in August, so keep look out for that.

The team consist only of two friends right now.
Me (Kaimar) and my best friend (Patrick). We are just random people from butt freck nowhere in Europe. We live in the small country also known as Estonia (google it). I will do most of the level design, my friend will do the NPC and the story will be done together. We are both unskilled modders, and have no idea what we are playing with, but given us time I think we can make this mod a beauty. And lets be honest Skyrim will go nowhere in the next year or so.