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i"m playing Skyrim for 3 years now and let me tell you, i like to cheat, that's how i role.
but, i kept noticing i"m using the TCL command very often, so i searched for a mod that will make it a one click power, but to no avail, UNTIL, i recently ( a week ago) found a wonderful post by EJLaguardia that asked the very same thing as me (here:
and a very great user (meh321) answered him with a simple answer (and the very appreciated code - since i can't even code to save my own life).

meh321 gave me his permission to use his code

and after all that - installation:
put the esp in the Data section
make sure that the esp is checked
that's it.

/************************************ Important**********************************************/
Require SKSE, will not work without it!!

place TCLPower.pex in the scripts folder
place TCLPower.psc in the scripts/Source folder

other wise, you will not have the TCL power.


btw, there might be a problem if you save the game while in the ethereal state, so make sure you get out of the "collision off" before saving.
nothing game breaking, it"ll simply defeat the purpose of having this mod if you will need to go into the console and type - tcl

enter the console and add these 2 spell tomes:
1) Quick TCL : a book that will let you move through objects for 3 seconds - great for walking through locked doors and stuff.
2) Kamui - Wrap Time & Space : you will become ethereal (40 seconds) + capability to go through objects (40 seconds) + slow time (20 seconds) - great for escaping or spying

ask your self - why?
after that, remove the esp from data folder
that's it

SKSE 1.7 +
Latest Skyrim Update

this will be the only file i will upload in the near future.
my RL problems are a little bigger, so i need to put more focus on that.

other than that, the mod works and i see no bugs, there will be no progress on this mod.

so, free permission to everyone with this mod.