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Welcome to Lakeview Manor Evolution. My take on Lakeview Manor, as it should have been.

In this mod, far from being a "build your own" house, Lakeview Manor is old.... very old. Starting from humble beginnings it has slowly evolved through generations of scholar, craftsmen, inventors and explorers each contributing their expertise to make the house what it is today.

It contains a mix of traditional styles and craftsmanship, along with some steam-powered technology "borrowed" from the Dwemers, which is now all but lost to the outside world.

This is an early beta version as it has not undergone significant testing except by me, and nor is it entirely finished. However, the house is completely livable with everything you should need to get along in the world. In this first version the house pretty much has no clutter so if you're the sort of person who likes to clutter their own home, in game, then this would be a good version for you.

In subsequent versions I will continue to add more clutter throughout the house to give it a more lived in feel.

The best way to get a sense of what is included in this version is to check out this video, which is fairly up-to-date though there have been one or two additions since the video was made. I will try to make a new video shortly.

Reasons why you might like this house:

  • If you're looking for house that is somewhere in between a shack and a massive castle.
  • If you like your homes to feel more like family homes and less like museums.
  • If you want a home that is picturesque and peaceful.
  • If you like a lot of storage but you don't want chests, barrels and other storage containers cluttering up the place. See features list below.
  • If you want a house that caters for the family (marriage and adoption support) without requiring additional scripts or mods.
  • If you like taking a hot bath once in a while ;)

Reasons why you might NOT like this house:

  • Because it's still in beta.
  • If you don't own Hearthfire or Dawnguard - both required.
  • Because you've already built Lakeview Manor and you think the process of resetting the Hearthfire DLC is fraught with danger.... Just backup your saves and you can always go back. There are only two files in this mod so uninstalling it is very simple.
  • If you want a house that is full of trophy displays.
  • If you want to adopt more than two children then this might not be for you. At the moment it only has two child beds.
  • If you want a 100% lore friendly house then this may not be for you... depending on your point of view. Yes it has a fish tank, but everything required to construct a fish tank already exists in the world of Skyrim. Glass, wood, water, fish etc. Is it so hard to imagine that some clever scholar/inventor came up with the idea of a container to keep live aquatic creatures in :) I really wanted to keep a baby slaughterfish in it but haven't been able to get it to work properly yet.

Some of the features

  • Custom furniture that allow for a lot of additional storage without taking up additional floor space. For example, with the vanilla noble wardrobe only one door opened and it was only a single container. Now both doors open independently and both are storage containers. Or the noble desk which had four drawers but none of them opened! Now all four drawers can be opened independently and each is a container. Basically, if it looks like it should open and that you should be able to put things in it then chances are that you can. At the moment there are around 60 containers in the house.
  • Much better lighting than the vanilla Lakeview Manor imho. This whole project started as an attempt to improve the vanilla lighting. Little did I know at that time, just how much work would be required. There is around 25 lights in the main house (not including the basement). I will probably tweak the lighting levels in future versions to try to strike a better balance between vanilla and ENB lighting.
  • Ability for the player to individually extinguish and re-light all candles throughout the main house. Let me know if I've missed any of them.
  • Indoor plumbing, including working sinks, a bath and toilets but I did my very best to make them look like they belong in the world. Take a look at the screen shots before you judge them :)
  • A fairly well equipped armory with several mannequins and quite a few weapons racks and display cases etc.
  • An attic containing the alchemy lab and enchanting station
  • All the crafting stations you should need (except for a Skyforge)
  • Indoor ambient lighting and sounds. Fairly standard these days. E.g. you can hear the rain outside if it happens to be raining.
  • A caretaker/groundskeeper (with his own little cottage) who tends to the garden and the animals. He also happens to be a master archery trainer.
  • Many other things but it's best to check out the video.

Anticipated Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is it a beta release?
A. Because it hasn't undergone substantial testing yet (expect a few minor bugs here and there) and because it's not entirely finished yet. I still need to add clutter to both the manor and the groundskeepers cottage and just generally give the place a more lived in feel.

Q. Do I need to build the house or does it come pre-built?
A. The house comes pre-built and pre-owned by the player. Ready to move in.

Q. But....can I still build new wings and change things around?
A. No, the "building" aspect from the original manor has been completely disabled in this mod.

Q. If I can't build the house, how does it impact on the quest line from the Jarl of Falkreath?
A. You can still do the favor quests to become Thane of Falkreath. Along the way he will still tell you that you can purchase land but you won't be able to actually purchase it as you will already own it. You can still continue the favor quests to get your personal Housecarl.

Q. Will followers still offer to become my Steward?
A. Yes. However, the only things you should purchase from your steward is the Carriage Driver (if you really want one) and replacement animals (if they get killed). Trying to purchase furnishings etc from the Steward may lead to undesirable results.

Q. Does the house still allow for my kids and family to move in, like the original Lakeview Manor?
A. Yes, your wife/husband and up to two kids can still move into the house.

Q. Do you have any plans to add more childrens beds, so I can adopt more children?
A. Not at this stage and probably not until someone successfully manages to recreate working bunk-beds. I have started looking into this.

Q. If I can't build the house, does it affect me getting the Land Barron Achievement?
A. Installing this mod will automatically give the the Land Owners Achievement if you don't already have it and therefore it still counts towards getting the Land Barron Achievement, if you build the other two Hearthfire homes.

Q. What is behind the strange door in the yard?
A. At the moment that is a mystery even for me. It was intended for a future expansion, possibly with an associated quest, but I'm open to suggestions. One idea I had was a 'Hall of honor' for previous generations of owners of the house a bit like the family tomb, which could also double as a trophy room of sorts. Not sure yet though.


  • Hearthfire
  • Dawnguard


In order to successfully install this mod you must not have already built the vanilla Lakeview Manor and ideally you should not have started the quest to build Lakeview Manor either.. This is due to the way Hearthfire was implemented and unfortunately there is nothing I can do about it.

If you have already built the vanilla Lakeview Manor, then you MUST reset the Hearthfire DLC by making a clean save, without Hearthfire enabled, before installing this mod. See below for detailed instructions on how to do this.

If you haven't already built the vanilla Lakeview Manor then following these simple instructions:

  1. Backup you saved games. This is just good practice when installing any new mod.
  2. Copy both of the included files of this mod into the "data" directory under your Skyrim install location OR use NMM.
  3. Make sure lakeview.esp is enabled in the launcher.
  4. Make sure laveview.esp is loaded AFTER hearthfire.
  5. Start the game.
  6. Check out your new home.

If you have already started building the vanilla Lakeview Manor then follow these instructions:

  1. Backup you saved games. This is just good practice when installing any new mod.
  2. If you have anything you want to keep in any of the Hearthfire homes then you will need to move them out of there or you will lose them when making the clean save.
  3. Once you have moved everything out of the Hearthfire houses that you want to keep, go to an interior cell that doesn't have anything to do with Hearthfire, such as the The Bannered Mare in Whiterun for example.
  4. Save your game, preferably using the console and giving it a meaningful name.
  5. Quit the game and disable Hearthfire in the launcher.
  6. Start the game again and load the save you made in step 4.
  7. Now save the game again, giving your save a meaningful name such as "nohearthfire"
  8. Quite the game again.
  9. Copy both of the included files of this mod into the "data" directory under your Skyrim install location OR use NMM.
  10. Make sure that both Hearthfire and lakeview.esp are enabled in the launcher.
  11. Make sure laveview.esp is loaded AFTER hearthfire.
  12. Start the game again and load the save you made in step 7.
  13. Check out your new home.

NOTE: When you first start the game with this mod installed you will get a very simple quest just telling you to visit Lakeview Manor. It will also show as a map marker on your map and you will be given the deed and the keys to the house.

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