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Erinaari is a young nord woman from the province of Cyrodiil. She came to Skyrim by mistake - she was leaving Bruma to head back to Anvil, but she missed the road when there was a heavy snowstorm. She crossed over the mountains, over the border, and wandered into the unforgiving province that is Skyrim, and the first she sees is a creature as black as night take to the sky. She didn't see where it emerged from, and she was not interested in knowing, as she knew straight away she had taken a wrong turn and that it did not look friendly. She was interested in high-tailing it out of there, but she tripped and fell down the mountain side, and hit her head and made her pass out. When she woke, she looked in the distance, to see if she could find any life around, and she saw a variety of lights. She hobbled as best as she could to them, and she reached the settlement Riverwood. She made her way to the inn and paid for a room to stay in for two nights. Her time in Riverwood, she spent nursing her ankle. On the last day, she asked where the next settlement or city was, and she was pointed to Whiterun. She thought, if she told the ruler of the hold what she saw in the mountains, maybe, they would repay her with coin to use to pay to cross the border to go back to Cyrodiil, as she learned she was in the province of Skyrim. She traveled to Whiterun and when she went to go tell the Jarl of what she saw, she learned he was busy, and he couldn't see her. So she told Proventus: he seemed to be in bit of disbelief, but he thanked her for informing him.

He said he couldn't pay her in coin without the Jarl's consent, but he could give her property, and so he did to pay her. A small shack outside the city walls, that had just been built. He gave her two keys and told her to settle in: which made her upset, considering she didn't want to live in Skyrim, but she accepted after careful consideration. The thoughts that she could start over here came to mind, and just be a face in the crowd. Though she was not expecting Skyrim to be unforgiving, and drowning her with violence and death, what she loathes second to herself, for being capable of causing both. She knows she can't go back: wherever she goes, it will be there, and she has to either harden up, or crumple from the guilt and self loathing.

Click this to read her entire backstory!

Stats and Abilities

- Essential.
- Marriageable.
- Will level up with you when you level up.
- Her inventory consists of: a bow, two mammoth tusks (which she obtained from a hunt), two bottles of ale, fifteen lockpicks, eighty-nine steel arrows, and two keys to her shack (they are not there if you use the No Home patch). She has two keys, so you can take one so you have access to her home.
- Her Perks: Lightfoot, Ranger, Bribery, Stealth, Muffled Movement, Expert Locks, Agile Defender, Regeneration, Allure, and Bullseye.
- Her Spells: Flames, Conjure Familiar, Lesser Ward, and Lightning Bolt.
- Uses the bodies: UNP and CBBE.
- Has Unique Clothing.
- Is standalone - No other mods are required.
- AI Packages that let her wander Whiterun, listen to Heimskr, go to the Bannered Mare, go to the Market place, and go back to her house.

Getting Erinaari to follow you

In the Vanilla Options, just simply ask her to follow you.
In the Custom Options, the process will be different.


  • Up to date Skyrim

Manually, extract the rar file, and place the esp and bsa in your Data folder.
With the Nexus Mod Manager, simply click the 'Download with Manager' button.

Manually, delete the esp and bsa from your Data folder.
With the Nexus Mod Manager, simply click the deactivate button or the delete button.


  • Works with Inconsequential NPCs and Interesting NPCs.
  • Works with all the DLC active.
  • Does not work with mods that will vastly edit the exterior cell where her shack is.
  • Unconfirmed to work with Open Cities. Testing for this is underway.


Where do I find her?
At mid day, she should be in the Market of Whiterun, just in front of Carlotta Valentia's stall. At night time, she should be wandering the city, or at the Bannered Mare, or at her house.

Can I marry her?
Yes. Following the normal system as other NPCs in the game, this is of course the system for the Vanilla Voice Options. The Custom Voice Options follow a process of if its own.

Can we move homes?
Yes. With the appropriate mods, you are able to move to the Vanilla Homes or Mod homes. With the Vanilla Voice Options, there will be no quest intergrated, so her home only serves as a place for her to stay, but in the Custom Voice Options, there is a quest which the house will be needed for.

I don't like her house!
That is unfortunate - especially if you plan to use the Custom Voice Options. The only thing I can advise you to do is add your own edits to the house. You can make your own edits to the house in the Vanilla Voice Options, or you can install the 'No Home' patch that will remove the house.

What is the body she uses?

Can she have other bodies?
Yes - but I won't be making them. I am sorry, but those two bodies are the only ones Erinaari will be using. If you want her to use other bodies, you are free to make your own edits to her.

What is the difference between these versions?
Custom Voice: As the name implies, Erinaari uses a Custom Voice that was recorded. It has quests that connect to her backstory, a custom wedding quest, a small new worldspace, and other NPCs to interact with her (that also have custom voices).
Vanilla Voice: As the name implies, Erinaari uses a Vanilla Voice (Female Commander, which is the voice Aela the Huntress uses). There are no quests at all in this, or the the small new wordspace, or the other NPCs.

I'm trying to change Erinaari's outfit, but those pants are still there!?
In the update, 1.4, I have placed Erinaari's outfit in her inventory, and not as her default outfit. So, now you can take the outfit from her, if you chose to and add your new armour to her inventory for her to wear. The outfit is from zzjay's wardrobe pack, and I do advise if you want the outfit for your character and other followers you grab zzjay's wardrobe pack. Recommended you use Amazing Follower Tweaks to adjust her gear. Her unique pants use the 49 Biped Object slot.

What happens if I install the No Home patch over one of the Custom Voice Options?
You'll end up breaking her quests, which I question why you would want to in the first place. If you don't want quests for her to follow, don't use the Custom Voice Options. I won't be making a quest-free Custom Voice Option. So, please do not ask.

I hate her look!
You are more than welcome to tweak her to your own preferences, change her body, her hair, her eyes, you name it, for your personal use. I don't want her being re-uploaded.

Why all these different versions?
So everyone can choose what they want Erinaari to be like in their playthrough.

I have a Neck-gap!
Update to the latest update for the option you are using. The gaps have been fixed in newer updates.


Mods used in the Screenshots:
  • Sharpshooter ENB - by Sharpshooter8
  • Somber Antique Lut Sepia - by Tansarville
  • UFO – Ultimate Follower Overhaul - by fLokii
  • SkyUI - by schlangster
  • Female Facial Animation - by nao4288
  • Light Moss Hall - by Me

Caliente's Vanilla Outfits for CBBE by Caliente
Zzjay's wardrobe pack by zzjay


Version 1.4
- Added in new perks.
- Set her default outfit to another and added her unique outfit to her inventory.
Version 1.3
- Uploaded a CBBE option.
- Changed her outfit.
- Changed Level to 1 - will level up with you from there.
- Fixed up models and texture pathways in Nifskope.
- Created the Glade. *For the Custom Version*
Version 1.2
- Altered the exterior of Erinaari's shack - replaced the enchanting table, with an extra bed.
- Added in hair retextures from ApachiiSkyHair natural Retexture by Aron
- Fixed mesh pathways.
Version 1.1
- Moved the house further away.
- Added a bit more decor to Erinaari's house.
- Added in two keys to her house (one for the Dragonborn).

Version 1.0
Initial Release