Brew A Better Potion by Akfek Branford
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Brew a Better Potion

By Akfek Branford


Release 1.0

Ever wonder why the healing potions you can find are always so much stronger than the ones you can brew? Am I really to expect that a master alchemist such as myself cannot brew something superior than what can be procured at my local junk store? Preposterous!

This mod roughly doubles the magnitude of the health potions, stamina potions and magicka potions created by the player. This means that a potion brewed by a master alchemist with all relevant perks (but without enchanting gear) will be slightly stronger than a standard store bought "extreme" potion.

In addition, there are a handful of ingredients that have an even stronger effect, allowing players who create potions using these ingredients to brew very strong healing potions. If you want to try and figure out which ingredients these are for yourself, then DO NOT scroll to the bottom of the readme.

It's a standard esp with no additional files. Just drop it in your data folder and enjoy.

It's a standard esp with no additional files. Just find it in your data folder, highlight it, and delete it.

This should be a complete mod, but if you find a mistake, just message me and I will fix it. Hope you enjoy!