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Added: 17/06/2014 - 10:28AM
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Last updated at 19:40, 6 Sep 2014 Uploaded at 10:28, 17 Jun 2014

The mod adds a new companion into the game, an altmer Necromancer known as Xavier. He is a standalone, immortal follower.
Xavier does not support marriage.
Xavier supports marriage now.
He is a Conjuration master and balanced to ensure that your character still gets a fair share of opponents to slay and is able to level up properly.
Xavier won’t trigger traps in dungeons.
He also has his own unique set of equipment and spells.
Skyrim version
DLC Dawnguard

Xavier can be found in Morthal, where he bides his time in Moorside Inn.

Conjuration master, Conjuration dual casting, Mystic binding, Necromancy, Dark souls, Summoner, Multiple summon, Twin souls, Alteration and illusion master, Silence, Light foot, Restoration master, Ward absorb, Armsman.
Dead thrall, Conjure boneman, Conjure wrathman, Dread zombie, Raise zombie, Reanimate corpse, Revenant, Vampire drain, Ward, Healing, Heal undead.
NEW: Bats, Vampiric Grip.
V. 2.3: Added new spell - Double Fang (summon two armored death hounds).
New staff enchantment (soul trap).

Place mod's files to your Data folder. Activate XavierNecromancerFollower.esp in the game launcher.

Dismiss Xavier as your follower. Save game.
Then remove files from following folders

Bethesda for Skyrim
Chris57 and FavoredSoul for Male body
Geonox for High Res Face Maps for Men
Urshi for Smooth Male Body textures
His subcredit list includes:
Imperator3 - for the Mens Underwear replacer
neovinci - meshes,
and BaronDavid - textures.

Apachii for Hair
Hvergelmir for Brows
Newermind43 for Avatar of Grenth armor set
Noodles for Cloak mesh
ElaNeith for Warpaint
My friends Aisaka, jesusoden, redtox and Nevernis for screenshots and test.
Dragonporn and tumbajamba for Double Fang spell
ViewtifulFlo for Vampire Dogs retexture