Flyable Dragon Races 4 Legendary Skies with Dragon breeding by ElSte17 Diabloblanco and recoded by UbuntuFreakDragon and Updated by Elfendrago
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Last updated at 2:10, 4 Aug 2014 Uploaded at 21:02, 15 Jun 2014

Requires Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC's & SKSE (SKYRIM SCRIPT EXTENDER)

***UPDATE 3.0***

Ok well i just uploadied an update that  instead of replaceing dragons adds a seond transformation spell  with 7-8 new dragons while leaving the old ones untouched except with the factions
-Dragons will not attack you anymore while in dragon form they are neutral.

-Dragons can fly a little faster now as well their base acceleration and deceleration has been increased

- added some custom dragon skins
Next update will be to the Breeding grounds addon i have fixed the dragon hatching and aging  and hae even come up with a solution to stop the clipping just need a little more tsting and then ill expand the eggs and hatching sequences to all drgon lairs and altars

***Update 2.5***
ok guys a update is out i changed a few things like there is no longer my custom shout adn altered which skins were replaced added durnehvir form instead of dracolich/Skeletal form

-left alduin paarthurnax and odahving alone frost dragon is still the same due to i know some people love to role play a character from another game that is a frost dragon


By: ElSte17 (Diabloblanco) and recoded by UbuntuFreakDragon


Download SKSE here:

Please follow the tutorial video on how to install SKSE and this mod! Another video will be uploaded aswell to show how to use the mod.

Tutorial Link

Major updates of this version:

* Highly improved stability and userfriendlyness
* Working collision (you wont fly through buildings, trees, mountains, etc. anymore)
* Steer with mouse with no problems
* Head tracking fixed
* New Dragon spells

How to use the mod (please watch the video)

1. Launch the game via SKSE loader and load a save file (please, backup your files as a precaution first)
2. New spells "Become a Dragon" and "Optionsmenu" are added as shouts-- equip them to favorites bar
3. Use Optionsmenu first by equipping it and pressing "z" -- select race, normal size, shout, adjust camera
4. Switch to "Become a Dragon" shout and press "z"
5. You are now a dragon
Right click and left click to bite and tail smash
"z" to breathe the selected fire/frost (if not, go back to optionsmenu and click on the shout again)
walking is standard
"e" to start flying
steer with the mouse
look high up to fly up, look down to fly down ( altitude adjustments occur quickly so take it easy on them)
"z" to breathe fire/frost still
"e" again to land
To return to human, make sure the "Become a Dragon" shout is equipped WHILE LANDED and press "z"
Go back to Optionsmenu and change the camera back to normal

*******************************************OPTIONAL FILE***********************************************************************
******************************************DRAGON BREEDING*****************************************************************
requires Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC's

***Update 0.1.5***
-small fix to the dragon hatching the baby dragons spawned then flew away so i made it so they couldnt fly away
-added Some trees to the breeding grounds to make it look better

***Update 0.1***
-added a test for dragon aging cycle from egg to hatchling to slightly older hatchling to young adult to adult each stage last 96 hours (so far the test is the dragon eggs at the breeding grounds . havent touched the dragon eggs at the dragon lairs yet)

this mods adds

-Dragon eggs to dragon altars that hath when you approach

-a floating island near the atronach stone with a mother dragon and a large clutch of eggs that can only be reached by flying

(Recommend Flyable Dragon Races 4: Legendary Skies to fly as a dragon from vanilla or the DLC's (Nexus Version makes the dragons non hostile and allows you to summon the named dragon rpeists once a day)

that is about it the dragon hatchlings dissapear after about 96 hours in game time and the eggs respawn

___things i plan to add___

-i plan to add a whole valley of dragons and dragon eggs with a player home and a quest to make the dragons friendly with you

- make some (only thise i give names to

-Dragon Growth cycle from egg to adult there will be 5 stages of development first stage the egg spawns then the hatchling spawns from the egg then the hatchling grows up a little then the hattchling grows up again and then the final stage is an adut form