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Replaces Cicero's face with your choice.

+Split Personality
+Surely You Jest
+Tears of Sinister Joy
+Why So Serious?
+Sinister Crow
--(More later if I feel like it.)

Oh no! Well, I have the problem often after swapping between textures.
It would crash the first time, then load fine every time after.
So if it crashes on first load, just try once more.

This so breaks the lore:
SvarogNL has included a very vanilla-friendly facelift for Cicero in their Follower Facelifts mod.
Go check it out if you would like a vanilla-friendly look w/ warpaint.

Another really great vanilla-friendly variant can be found here.

NMM - Choose only one face, plus races if you're interested.
Manual - Open the folder you want. Extract to Skyrim Data folder.
BOTH: Remember to enable the .esp file(s).

Bethesda (Head Model)
Geonox (Normal Map, Base)
The voice actor, who did an amazing job. Skyrim's characters can seem shallow at times, but like or HATE, this character will still get to people some way because of that actor's delivery.

83Willow's delighfully creepy nightmother textures.
Geonox's highres males.