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Added: 15/06/2014 - 10:02PM
Updated: 11/07/2016 - 06:50PM

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Last updated at 18:50, 11 Jul 2016 Uploaded at 22:02, 15 Jun 2014

This mod adds 5 new scenarios to Death Alternative. These scenarios focus on capture and enslavement of the player character with different escape mechanics in each case. So go out there, get in trouble, and if you are defeated, so be it, life continues and maybe a new start is what you've always wanted. Details can be found under the ReadMe tab.

Shinji72 had a prerelease version of this mod and made a series of preview videos. Many thanks to him for testing and helping improve the mod. He made the video below (1 of 3) detailing the falmer enslavement quest. Also another brand new video from Shinji72, this time detailing his experience as a vampire cattle. Notice however that the visual effects and blackscreen do not appear quite as intended due to his ENB settings.

-Death Alternative - Your Money or Your Life v7.0.0 or newer and all its requirements. Provides the base framework and looting methods. Older versions require DA v6.x.x due to a change in the handling of internal variables.
-Dawnguard (Don't even ask if there is going to be a non-Dawnguard version, the answer is no)

-Mods that alter dramatically Blackreach may cause problem, although I know of none.
-Some ENBs may prevent ImageSpaceModifier from applying correctly. This is not an incompatibility but it will prevent some important visual cues from displaying.

Download, activate, play. Look into DA's config menu for the 3 new quests under OnBlackout tab. Default settings should be appropriate for almost everyone.

Look at the main sticky post on the forum for lasted update instruction.

-Vanilla lockpicking is generally too easy. Escape may become very easy without a mod that increase lockpicking difficulty to a reasonable level like harder lockpicking
-Mods that add new NPC in location makes enslavement more eventful.
-Some random events may be unbalanced depending on the difficulties of the enemies (like vampires almost always winning for instance), but that's part of life. I play with many of ERSO's module for stronger enemies, better AI and unlevelled world and vampire are sometimes extremely strong and will defeat most rescue attempt.

Under the readme tab.

Bethesda for creating Skyrim and the Elder Scrolls series
xaz for the iron collar and shackle meshes and textures, and for allowing me to include them in the archive.
Shinji72 for testing, feedback and making many funny and informative videos.
GhostAgent for the banner above.

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