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This Mod adds 10 new arrows into the game, with their own unique texture but have the same meshes that skyrim uses. They have been added to the vendor lists and loot lists (mostly), if you think that an arrow spawned in a wrong place just let me know. They also have a unique quiver texture for every arrow and a different craft recipe that will be slightly based off of the other arrows.

The Arrows are as following

Steelcore Iron Arrow
This arrow has been built with a Steel core in the center of the arrow to give it less flexibility and a stronger impact than the Iron Arrow.

Blessed Steel Arrow
This arrow has been blessed by the mage in Whiterun giving it more endurance than it's counterpart.

Elite Orcish Arrow
This arrow is used by highly trained soldiers of the orc army to better kill their enemies.

Greenwood Dwarven Arrow
The wood being made from Greenwood trees makes this arrow a very effective weapon against any foe.

Forged Arrow
Said to have been forged in a certain volcano, these arrows are made from a ash/metal mixture, that makes them super strong.

Elite Elven Arrow
This arrow type was used only for hunting game, but the elves soon found it to be an effective tool against enemies as well.

WhiteWood Arrow
This Arrow is made from one of the rarest trees in all of Skyrim. The arrows have to be coated in a light dusting of ash and then frozen for them to stay intact.

Dark Daedric Arrows
This Arrow was crafted by a former Dragonborn, that was gifted in the ability of archery.

Elven Dragonbone Arrows
In response to the rising threat of dragons. The elves built these arrows to combat them.

Dark Dragonbone Arrows
Said to have been found in the scales of a dead dragon, nobody truely knows where these arrows came from, only that they are rare and very powerful

These Arrows are on a progressive damage scale of my own creation. It will not break the game however it will break any mods that have the arrows damage go up. I personally think that this is a better solution because it gives you alot more progression.

I have made a patch for the ABT - 10% faster arrows mod, you have to download the patch and the ABT mod for it to work, however this mod will break the progressive damage mod in ABT.

IF you would like to see more arrows here is the goal list:

10 more arrows!

Dragonbone series!

Light/Dark series!

Legendary Series!

Part of the AA line of mods!