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Hello, this is my first mod. I made this house so that it would be functional to a pirate. Specially if the player is using the mod "Sailable Ships of Skyrim" (link will be bellow on recommendations), or a similar mod that allows the usage of boats/ships.

EDIT: After some years of absence I am finally back, just released a small follower mod, and update my old Chrestyan Follower. I am currently working on a bigger mod similar to this one, a big home with several followers but with a different theme and characters. Anyway all this to say that now looking back I realised how this mod is really not so good and some things don't work as they should (like the healer not really healing, will be fixed and he will actually heal figured a way to do it) so when I finish my WIP I will come back to this mod and improve it/update it based on what I learned more recently. See you soon and sorry to the ones who like this mod and expected a faster update.

The hideout is located Northeast of Dawnstar.

- Latest version of Skyrim.

The original idea was instead of having only a simple pier near the cliff there would be a cave carved into the cliff large enough to fit a ship inside and "park" it. But that was difficult to do, so at least for now it remains only a small pier. The hideout can be accessed by two different entrances. The main entrance is through a secret cabinet inside the house on top of the cliff that has the purpose of hiding the true hideout from curious eyes. The other entrance is at the bottom of the cliff through a door on the pier (the door is supposed to lead through a long corridor leading to the hideout door, but it would be a waste of time to go through that corridor every time so I just connected the two loading doors directly).

Inside the house you will find a training area, mannequins, weapon racks, a large dinning area, the Captain's room/Main room, the Crew's room/Follower's room, a smithing area, and 12 NPC's that represent the crew and can be followers. The beds in the room and the chairs at the table each one have an owner so they will only use their own. Each of the followers has different skills and "personalities". I wanted to add variety and uniqueness so they wouldn't just be copies of each other.
The mod also adds a unique ring that allows the wearer to swim under water without time limit.
A armored version of the Alik'r clothing and another of the black and red Redguard clothing that can be improved on the workbench, (they can be found inside one of the wardrobes in the main room), the armor and boots have the same stats as the leather armor, except for the hood that is slightly weaker, the reason why is because I never liked overpower armors and senseless stats like for example an armor like this one made of leather have the same stats as a Daedric armor...
Another feature are two new pirate swords, both this swords are craftable under steel category, can be improved and enchanted. The Cutlass has the same stats as the Scimitar but is lighter, while the Pirate Scimitar has the same weight as the regular Scimitar but does more damage.

The majority of them are based in people I know and fictional characters (blame my lack of imagination). Some of them have relationships between them.
I will leave here the characteristics of each one of them so that you can choose which one you want with you, unless you are using the Multiple follower mod, which I recommend.
Al-Mahydus - Wears heavy armor, fights with a shield and a scimitar. (Breton)
Anna - Wears heavy armor, fights with a sword in one hand and firebolts in the other. (Breton)
Ardeth - Wears an armored version of the redguard clothing, fights with two scimitars. (Redguard)
Brahun - Wears light armor, fights using a bow. (Nord)
Clegane - Wears heavy armor, fights with a two-handed sword. (Nord)
Dar'Al - Wears light armor, fights without weapons (but you can see him training with a bow). (Khajiit)
Gunthyr - He is a renegade priest, so he wears no armor and uses restoration magic and can also summon familiars or daedra, he is what I would call a support. (Breton)
Lilith - She is a necromancer, she uses conjuration spells and a firebolt staff. (Imperial)
Mauloch - Wears light armor, fights with two maces. (Orc)
Nymeria - Wears light armor, fights with a sword in one hand and a dagger in the other. (Nord)
Thorum - Wears heavy armor, fights with two axes. (Nord)
Tohmazir - Wears light armor, fights with two daggers. (Argonian)

How to Install:
Just drag the content of the Data folder into your Data folder.

Uncheck the mod in the Data Files and delete the files related with the mod.

Issues, bugs:
The mod will much probably conflict with any other mod that changes the area where the house and the pier are located.
It might also conflict with the mod Unique Uniques, since I am using meshes and textures from it, not sure though.
Other than that I don't know of any other problem, if you find anything feel free to say it in the comments or send a private message, if you also think that some improvements could be made to the hideout feel free to express your opinion.

Recommended mods:
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The last mod I am going to suggest is still not complete but I have high expectations for it, it is called Pirates Cove, you can follow the progress here -

I thank to InsanitySorrow for allowing me to use the meshes and textures from his Unique Uniques mod.

I hope you enjoy my mod, if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to send me a message or to comment. Happy gaming.