Ebony Wall of Fire Arrow by Chuck12010
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This ebony arrow casts a wide spectrum of uses, even mass fishing in a stream for that elusive Salmon. Once you get used to the effects of this Im sure it will be a great addition to your supply of your weapons of mass destruction. Pictures coming soon, and another arrow called the Nordic Napalm.
I'm going nuts now that I'm learning to mod.

Oh and I should warn you.. These arrows can be used against you as well. Wait DON'T leave check out my other arrows. 


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Ebony Wall of Fire Arrow
My girlfriend as Lydia
Silda the unseen
Well look at that (since the get paid for modding fiasco started) as if by over night my mods (all of them jumped in number of downloads) Please don't be altering these to make $$ of of paying sites.. If you do it, and I find out..It only makes you a scumbag.