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Updated: 28/10/2014 - 03:01AM

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Last updated at 3:01, 28 Oct 2014 Uploaded at 21:57, 3 Jun 2014

At this moment: A COMPLETE overhaul to all of the Skyrim and Skyrim's DLC non-beast npcs to make them look amazing. 100% Playable. Also, unlike many other npc overhauls, this includes a variety of mod patches as well. Such as Interesting NPCs and Falskaar.

An in-depth video play through with this mod active: I know it's not the best mod video out there, but hopefully it will allow you to see what this mod does. Skip through the video if you would like to see the different cities.

All-in-One Comprehensive Patch - Please read below. ( Updated - Aug 30, 2014 )

Expanded Towns & Cities (V12.x) [Download] - Very minor neck seam issue reported. ( Updated - Aug 15, 2014 )

Falskaar [Download] -Allow RS Children to overwrite Foxy Skyrim but allow Foxy Skyrim to overwrite Falskaar. ( Updated - Aug 15, 2014 )

Helgen Reborn [Download] - Playable with zero issues reported. ( Updated - Aug 15, 2014 )

Inconsequential NPCs [Download] - Playable with zero issues reported. ( Updated - Aug 15, 2014 )

Immersive Patrols 2 [Download] - Playable with zero issues reported. ( Updated - Aug 28, 2014 )

Interesting NPCs (V3.07) [Download] -Okay, there are some NPC's that I though I fixed with floating beards and weird scars. I'm not sure what's going on here, it's not accepting my edits for some reason. As soon as I figure out what da heck is going on, you'll just have live with it, sorry.( Updated - Aug 30, 2014 )

RS Populated Cities & Towns [Download] - Replaces Populated Cities 2 ( Updated - Aug 25, 2014 )

Populated CivilWar (1.x) [Download] - Further testing required but zero issues reported. ( Updated - Aug 15, 2014 )

Populated Lands (1.2.x) [Download] - Removed from comprehensive patch due to high stress with Interesting NPCs. ( Updated - Aug 15, 2014 )

TES Arena[Download] - Playable with zero issues reported. ( Updated - Aug 15, 2014 )

Wyrmstooth[Download] - Only changes 1 or 2 NPCs currently.( Updated - Aug 15, 2014 )

Populated Cities 2 - Removed due to this mod corrupting save files 

Install and load patches last for them to work properly.

What does this currently do? This changes the hair on all Breton, Imperial, Nord, and Redguards in Skyrim. This changes the hair, facial structure, head, ears, and skin color on all elves in Skyrim. This changes all vampire heads, to be normal humans while maintaining vampire fangs and vampire eyes (and custom eyes, if selected). Also, this can remove middle age textures, while keeping the elderly ones, if selected.

Will this be compatible with other mods? Check the compatibility section.

Will I need anything special to run this? No, everything is included in the mod.

Does this effect the character creation or other mods? No, this shouldn't. However, I can not account for all mods. As long as you load this BEFORE all other npc editing mods, this should work flawlessly. If you find that it does NOT work with another mod, please be kind enough to let me know, thanks.

Why is this mod so freakin' huge? The short answer to that is, compatibility. If you've downloaded  the Apachi hair replacer for NPC's, you might have found that the head colors mismatched. With this mod, that won't be the case. The long story is: this replaces the cache Skyrim draws from, for it's original NPCs (which is pretty large). Also, these shapes use a lot more polygons than the original Skryim. However, I did as much as possible to limit the size (you may find some corpses/ghosts, or random off the wall npcs that were not changed).

Is it worth it to download this? Totally! These hairs aren't entirely unfriendly to the lore. (I've used the best hairs that I could find where the authors would grant me permission to use) If you've disliked the original elf heads, than I suspect you will appreciate the new ones in game. And, c'mon, I know you've probably downloaded larger mods (S.I.M.M , Faalskar?). IMO, this was a much needed mod for Skyrim. If you like this mod, then please hit that endorse button, it may not buy me a beer, but it feels good to know that my hard work has paid off.

Will your patch work without the proper version of <insert mod name> ? My magic 8-ball says, "Maybe".

Can I combine all of these into one .ESP with TES5Edit? Apparently. I, however, will not combine any files until the final V1.00 is released. It's extra effort that I could be putting into finishing the mod instead. Sorry guys, you'll just have to deal with multiple .ESMs for now, unless you are a smart cookie and want to combine them yourself.

What are the mods in the screenshots?

- A Little Sexy Apparel Replacer
- aMidian Amors (book of silence)
- Brows
- Cover Women
- Cover Eyes
- ENB 2.54
- Enhanced Lighting and FX
- Face Light
- Fine Faces for Men
- PureVision ENB Settings (my own customization)
- Milkdrinker UNP / UNPB Skin
- UNP Texture Blender
- XP32's UNPB Body Redux

~ Foxy Skyrim ~

- Click here for my full mod list

Release: 0.1 Beta

Load Foxy .ESMs FIRST to minimize compatibility issues.

List of known issues with other mods (
Minor, Moderate, Major):

Extended Slider Colors - This unfortunately changes vampire NPCs all over Skyrim, which returns them back to normal and does other funny little things. (Advice: Make a character, then disable the plugin.)

SG Face Textures Renewal - This mod was made for Cover Women look 3, this will work on SG Textures but note that it was not optimized for this texture set. (Advice: Use your preferred texture, but you should give Cover Women look #3 a try AND also use UNP Texture Blender (An amazing tool to fix neckseams))

Better Vampire Fangs & Eyes - Unfortunately this changes vampires back to normal and there is no way to fix this on my end. (Advice: Use mod organizer to delete conflicting files and/or Merge with TESVEdit)

Cloaks of Skyrim - Returns a 'few' male NPCs back to normal. Namely the Battleborn brothers. (Advice: Use TESVEdit to merge the two .esp files)

Immersive Armors for NPCs - Returns the Battleborn brothers back to normal. (Advice: Use TESVEdit to merge the two .esp files)

True Death Animation for Vampires - Returns vampires to normal. (Advice: Use TESVedit to merge the two .esp files)

Immersive Weapons - Conflicts with a few NPC's that I've changed, returning them to normal and giving them a discolored head. (Advice: Merge the two .esp's with TESVEdit.)

Salem - Returns vanilla elves to ugly skin color, why you do this?? (Advice: Meh, if someone wants me to make a patch, just ask, otherwise deal with it or remove the mod)

Ethereal Elven Overhaul - For Obvious Reasons. (Advice, Choose your mod)

Any mod that adds elf npc's that I have not patched yet - It will cause neckseam issues with all the elves. If you are having an issue with a quest mod or a overhaul, post on the forums. I'll probably release a patch that same day, assuming nexus is working.

Next Release : Currently, I have stopped supporting this mod indefinitely, however I will try to continue answering questions.

Even though I have stopped supporting this for the time being, I do plan on releasing a bug free version in the future.

- Apachii (For being friendly and letting me user her files)

- Zzjay (also for letting me use her files)

- Hellosanta (For certain SG hairs, although some artists no longer wish to have their hairs on the nexus)

- MrLenski (for having awesome textures for me to use as a reference and for screenshots)

- Hein (I may or may not have used his textures in one of the releases)

- pemamendez (For allowing me to edit his eye texture)

- Aipex8 (I borrowed some of his files for a work reference)

- The artists of the actual hairs (In the readme file)

- And you! For being awesome and playing my mod!

I would also like to give these members a shout out. They were the reason I decided to finish this mod. They supported this mod through the incredibly buggy alpha stage. To these members, I thank you all very much:

falloutnutter, Rolld, Milklovah442, EvilTwinz, Corei, gledson, BETA-Phase, DLandLeave, majordespair, dragonstorm1, Seean,
HellKnight, originalwij, ZeldaFanGuy, Jackb, deadzone45, kourage18, huntsaswolves, Calwong, Jack100000, Iromal, rey780,
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