Foxy Skyrim - A Complete Lore-Friendly NPC Overhaul by LogicFoxX
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Added: 03/06/2014 - 09:57PM
Updated: 07/03/2015 - 07:46AM

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Last updated at 7:46, 7 Mar 2015 Uploaded at 21:57, 3 Jun 2014

What it does: Overhauls all non-beast NPCs in the game to make them look better. New elf head models. New hair. New skin. New fangs. New eyes. Etc. Etc.

- Install follower mods after Foxy Skryim
- Install children overhaul mods after Foxy Skyrim
- Overwrite Foxy Skyrim with follower / children mods.
- Do not use with other NPC overhauls.
- Use Mod Organizer
- Enjoy

Version 0.1b Video This video is pretty bad but will be updated soonish. It should give you an idea what this mod does though.

- Set priority number above Foxy Skyrim but below follower mods and children overhaul.
- Use with proper version of the mod you are patching
- Enjoy

All-in-One Comprehensive Patch - Please read below. ( Updated - TBA )

Expanded Towns & Cities (V13.4) [Download] - (Updated Feb, 19)

Falskaar (V1.1.15)[Download] - (Updated Feb, 19)

Helgen Reborn (V105.3)[Download] -(Updated Feb, 19)

Inconsequential NPCs (V1.9)[Download] - (Updated Feb, 19)

Immersive Patrols 2 (2.03)[Download] - DLC Aggressive ONLY, NO CWO[Second option, I think](Updated Feb, 19)

Interesting NPCs (V3.09) [Download] - (Updated Feb, 19)

Moon and Star (V1.13)[Download] - (Updated Feb, 19)

RS Populated Cities & Towns (V1.25)[Download] - (Updated Feb, 19)

TES Arena(V1.95)[Download] - (Updated Feb, 19)

Wyrmstooth(V1.14)[Download] - (Updated Feb, 19)

Why is DLC required for 0.2b and no more BSAs? Simply because I need to do 3 times the work to create versions that don't require DLCs. Honestly by now, you should be able to afford the DLCs and they are worth downloading. I am using loose files because it loads faster, and this is an overhaul, load times really will make a difference on this huge mod. I left 0.1b version available to download, if you would prefer the older version instead but from now on, all new versions will require DLC.

Will this be compatible with other mods? Check the compatibility section.

Will I need anything special to run this? No, everything is included in the mod.

Does this effect the character creation or other mods? This works with Enhanced Character Edit and Race Menu. Check the compatibility section.

Why is this mod so freakin' huge?  Because this contains the model for every NPC head. No, there is no other way to effectively do what I have done.

Will your patch work without the proper version of <insert mod name> ? My magic 8-ball says, "Maybe". I suggest staying with the older version of the mod until I can release the proper patch version. Or beg the mod author to support this mod.

Can I combine all of these patches into one .ESP with TES5Edit? My magic 8-ball says, "Perhaps". Wow this thing is perceptive.

What are the mods in the screenshots?

- Click here for my full mod list. (Also to download my custom texture mash-ups)

Release: 0.2 Beta

Load Foxy .ESMs FIRST to minimize compatibility issues.

List of known issues with other mods (
Minor, Moderate, Major):

[color=#ffff00]RS Children
- Just set to highest priority / overwrite Foxy Skyrim & Patches. Should work great after that.

Extended Slider Colors - This unfortunately changes vampire NPCs all over Skyrim, which returns them back to normal and does other funny little things. (Advice: Make a character, then disable the plugin.)

SG Face Textures Renewal - Or any other face texture mod. This was designed to work with Cover Women (look 3), I can't assure you it will look just as amazing on other textures.

Better Vampire Fangs & Eyes - My mod changes Vampires and eyes, this mod changes vampires and eyes, gee go figure, they aren't compatible.

Salem - Returns elves to normal. My advice, skip this mod. Great idea, good work put into it but too many issue I've ran into.

ECEE - Okay, I guess they updated this, let this overwrite foxy skyrim, although I have no idea what is going to happen yet.

Ethereal Elven Overhaul - I suggest if you want a good looking elf character to download a custom elf race until I make elf races playble.

The Ultimate NPC Overhaul - This is pretty much the same thing as Foxy Skyrim, just a lite version of it. Choose which you prefer.

If you run into a mod that conflicts, please let me know. I HIGHLY, HIGHILY, HIGHLY recommend using Mod Organizer to determine what is conflicting.

Next Release : 0.3b - Check the Posts tab for more information.

Awaiting reports.
Elf Ears poking through again. I thought I fixed it but I guess I broke it. 

- Apachii (For being friendly and letting me user her files)

- Zzjay (also for letting me use her files)

- Azarkiowa Pending permission for his ponyhairstyle, please come back~

- Hellosanta (For certain SG hairs, although some artists no longer wish to have their hairs on the nexus)

- MrLenski (for having awesome textures for me to use as a reference and for screenshots)

- Hein (I may or may not have used his textures in one of the releases)

- pemamendez (For allowing me to edit his eye texture)

- Hale Great guy, totally cool for letting me use his eyes.

- Xenius Pending permission for using his textures as a base reference.

- Aipex8 (I borrowed some of his files for a work reference)

- The artists of the actual hairs (In the readme file)

- And you! For being awesome and playing my mod!

I would also like to give these members a shout out. They were the reason I decided to finish this mod. They supported this mod through the incredibly buggy alpha stage. To these members, I thank you all very much:

falloutnutter, Rolld, Milklovah442, EvilTwinz, Corei, gledson, BETA-Phase, DLandLeave, majordespair, dragonstorm1, Seean,
HellKnight, originalwij, ZeldaFanGuy, Jackb, deadzone45, kourage18, huntsaswolves, Calwong, Jack100000, Iromal, rey780,
 Grimm1223, naygor, Vincent1972, viperott, kaloz013, Brotor2797, dze, Dementic, Ice09, prosto, djohn01,
 girllovesgames2015, vitomoura, krysalynne, AtreyusMaximus, david9980, LostSoul1168, rancher76689,
 nwithan12, ralok, qacksi, suronosuke, TalamarBlackWolf, troy12281, ryky01, ChinChea,
 guddengg, beast3690, vasadariu
And, last but not least: