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Added: 03/06/2014 - 09:57PM
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Last updated at 2:23, 2 Aug 2014 Uploaded at 21:57, 3 Jun 2014

At this moment: Great Scott! That was a load off the shoulders to get this running. This now covers nearly EVERY NPC in Skyrim. NOTE: MALE ELVES ARE EXPERIMENTAL, INSTALL AT YOUR OWN LEISURE, IT'S A WORK IN PROGRESS.

What does this currently do? Changes all NPC's in the original skyrim to look better.

Will this be compatible with other mods? This should work with ALL mods. However, if aliens come abduct you soon after installing, please
post your troubles on the forum, I will get back to you.

Will I need anything special to run this? No, everything is included in the mod. You will need to overwrite other eye textures you may currently have, though.

Does this affect the character creation or other mods? No, this will only affect the NPC's of Skyrim. I've debated making these models playable but that's a bit of work and there are plenty player races out there, so it'll be on the back-burner. Will this affect falskaar or 3DNPC? Not at the moment, but hopefully I can get some patches as separate downloads for these types of mods down the road.

What is this mod technically? Skyrim draws from a cache of store npc .nif files, (for the most part). This, I believe, is to help save processing power and memory. I've included multiple compressed .bsa files to inject, if I can say that, new .nif npc generations. The ESM files have been ESM'ified because each of them change certain elements needed for this mod, such as race skin and some NPC edits (like a begger having the same hair as Elisif the fair, how that makes sense?, that needs to be changed). Certain facetints have been stored as well to match the race skin recolors. This MAY have some compatibility issues with the older or more simplistic npc mods, such as a discolored face.

What are the mods in the screenshots?

- A Little Sexy Apparel Replacer
- aMidian Amors (book of silence)
- Brows
- Cover Women
- Cover Eyes
- ENB 2.54
- Enhanced Lighting and FX
- Face Light
- Fine Faces for Men
- F&S ENB Settings
- Milkdrinker UNP / UNPB Skin
- UNP Texture Blender
- XP32's UNPB Body Redux


~ Foxy Skyrim ~

Release: 0.6Alpha

So far, so good, compatibility wise.

Next Release : This is the final Alpha Build release, the next release will be the first Beta test. This will include DLC and Vampires, as well as bug fixes.

Foresight into the future : After the DLC is complete, this will be left in Beta for awhile to improve hairs, fix bugs, and make minor tweaks. While it's in Beta, I will release certain patches for other mods out there. Once Beta is finished, it does not mean the end of building this mod. There is much that could be done, player characters, Dremora, higher quality meshes, hair physics for npc's, clothes physics for npc's. This would all be the future for Ver 2.0, the second release of Foxy Skyrim. It all depends on you, the amount of endorsements, and support for this mod. So download and show support if you want to see this continue to grow :)

- Certain NPC's aren't compliant to standards (Yea, I don't like pointing fingers at Bethesda but it is quite difficult to do this mod due to some irregular implicated models, namely the male elves. I'll fix what I can in the next update.)
- Certain ears are sticking through certain helmets. While I may have fixed some of them, there are many more to do. Partially this is my fault, I didn't fix the dark elf ears. I'm working on it, as always.
- A certain female elf hair can be seen through in a certain light.
- Female dark elf ears poke through hoods/helms. (yup, my bad, forgot to fix that before release)
- A good number of male elves have pink faces. (I did say experimental for a reason ya know :P but it's being worked on)
- Certain male elf faces remain unchanged. (Working on it)
- DLC not completed (Haven't released the DLC yet)
- I don't like <so-and-so's> hair (well please say something, or it'll probably stay that way unless I find it for myself)
- Please post any thing you notice to be wrong or suggestions on the forum/post !

- Apachii (For being friendly and letting me user her files)

- Zzjay (also for letting me use her files)

- Hellosanta (For certain SG hairs, although some artists no longer wish to have their hairs on the nexus)

- MrLenski (for having awesome textures for me to use as a reference and for screenshots)

- Hein (I may or may not have used his textures in one of the releases)

- The artists of the actual hairs (In the readme file)

- And you! For being awesome and playing my mod!