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Last updated at 23:44, 24 Aug 2014 Uploaded at 1:05, 4 Jun 2014

A patch has been released, covering the missing textures that people have reported, be sure to grab it along with the main file!

Skyrim Reimagined is a larger idea which will focus on adding to the content of the game as a whole. Very little will be left untouched; enemies, clutter, dungeons, and quests are just a few things this idea will touch upon, given time.

This first part of Skyrim Reimagined deals in clutter. It adds new rugs, paintings, decoration, tablewares and plants. For now I have only had time to do Whiterun and Windehelm, however when I am done just about every cell will be changed with full compatibility thanks to the false master file format. Because there are a lot of modders resources I will happily look at modders requests

Will not screw with your lighting mods or mods which change vendors! I use ELE plus several various things myself.

An important note: this mod is a work in progress and should be treated as such. It is, however, fully functional and update-friendly (no scripts are currently being used, outside of a single vanilla one!)

Thanks goes to the following authors for use of their resources. (If you notice a resource I missed let me know and I will happily add it, pretty sure I got them all though.) I consider these people co-authors of this mod and hope that you, the reader and user of this mod, do as well.
Current Features:
  • Changed and added wares in Whiterun and Windhelm
  • Added different barrels
  • Added Paintings to interiors[*]Added a few new morrowind drinks[*]Added Coinstacks[*]Added new and more varient rugs[*]Added Alchemy and Magick clutter[*]Added a cauldron which acts like an alchemy bench in Arcadia's Cauldron[*]Added some new beds[*]Added more hearthfire support in vanilla game by adding Hearthfire ovens and switching out static mead barrels with Hearthfire mead barrels. [*]Added more plants to whiterun and Windhelm[*]Added Potion shelves[*]Added Open Books[*]Added ingot stacks[*]Added Different colored Candles
Suggested Mods: (Under Construction)Skyrim Reimagined is all about improving the game, visually and play wise. With that in mind this mod was made to work with these fine mods: *****Visuals******
  • aMidianborn Book of Silence (Make sure to get anything made by Cabal!)
  • AMidianBorn Whiterun (Seen in the screenshots of Whiterun above, also by Cabal)
  • AMidianBorn Caves Last of what I consider the *required* Cabal Mods.
  • Sexy Solitude[*]Skyrim Ultimate Retexture Project I use the stonework, floors, some of the landscape and the ferns. Works perfectly with Sexy Solitude, overwrite Sexy Solitude.[*]Ruins Clutter Improved This is compatible with this mod, he fixes most of the dungeon meshes and textures. [*]The Beauty of Skyrim - Dungeons Absolutely essential. [*]Detailed Rugs Fixes the vanilla rugs. Note that I do not replace too many vanilla rugs so this is essential![*]Silly Level of Detail - Potions and Poisons Despite the name, you will not suffer performance. You will enjoy looking at your potions for ten minutes upon first seeing what this mod does. Note that this re-textures Blary's potion shelves![*]High Definition Ivy Lots of Ivy in the game. 'Nuf said. I prefer 2.0 on this as it's more lush. [*]NobleSkyrimMod Makes what it touches look new....however I am pointing you here because of the desperately needed Windhelm Retexture. [*]Tobes Highres TexturesCovers a lot of things other mods just don't seem to cover. Furniture, ect, makes noble furniture look "noble." [*]Real Ice All-In-One Be sure to grab parrallax, regardless of if you use enb or not (despite claims to the contrary parralax is supported by the vanilla game.)[*]Realistic Water Two Not sure if there was ever a One, but this is the one for water mods. [*]Skyrim Flora Overhaul Warning: depending on the version you nab this can kill your performance. Do some research on this mod before picking which version is best for you.
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