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Ever feel like being the Dovahkiin isn't enough? Want to be even MORE special? Well, here's your mod.

In the Warden's Chest right at the beginning of the game, where Hadvar tells you to grab some gear, you'll find the Heart of Lorkhan. When you use it (it's listed under books; for the moment it's classified as a spell tome) it gives you the permanent Divine Essence ability. This ability gives you significantly faster rate of skill gains, and grants you 5x the normal regen rate for health, magicka, and stamina.

For the lore behind this mod, go to:

For more lore, this time related to the prowess of those who used the Heart:,_The_Last_Year_of_the_First_Era

Be forewarned. This mod might substantially decrease the challenge of the game, unless you set your difficulty to Expert or Master level. This is a ROLEPLAYING mod, not a balance mod.

That said, I hope you enjoy.

PS. Yeah, I'll be making a quest and all, both to acquire the heart and to use it, but that will have to wait for the Creation Kit.