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Welcome to Dread Prison. Based off of the old mod, Prison of Despair, this mod provides you with your very own, personal prison. You can send anyone from bandits and thieves to Jarls and guards into your prison and watch them rot behind bars forever. There is also an arena option for you to watch your prisoners fight for survival.

-Cell Block
-Torture Chamber
-Control Room
-Warden's Quarters
-Maximum Security Cell Block

Cell Block:
The cell block is the most important part of your prison. It has 20 cells where you can imprison anyone that you want. There is a chest at the end of the ramp after you enter the cell block that has all the spells for the prison. To imprison someone, simply use the "Dread Prison - Arrest" spell and use the on screen menu to pick where you would like them to go.

The arena is where you can force your prisoners to fight each other or you can go in and challenge yourself. You are able to send whichever prisoners you want into 4 different "groups". These groups will then fight each other when you open the gates. You can also spawn many different enemies or set off traps to make the fight more interesting or even challenge yourself.

Torture Chamber:
The torture chamber has 4 options as of now and is currently being expanded to satisfy all your torturing desires. The torture chamber spell can be found inside the chest located in the cell block with the other spells for the mod.

Control Room:
The control room is where you can customize the little details in your prison. You can choose between Dwarven, Stormcloak, or Imperial banners. You can also choose what armor your guards wear, if they are male or female, or if you have guards in the prison at all. With upcoming updates and add-on's there will be more features added to the control room for even more customization.

Special Notes:
-As of Dread Prison Update 1.6, all spells for the prison will be found in the chest in the cell block.
-Do not clean the mod using TES5Edit, it removes needed navmesh from the prison.


Main File
-Download the Dread Prison main file.
-Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim.
-Merge the "Data" folder in the zip file with the data folder in the above Skyrim file.
-Launch Skyrim and click on "Data Files", make sure the Dread Prison files you have are in the correct load order as seen below.

Update File
-Download the most recent Dread Prison Update file.
-Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim.
-Merge the "Data folder in the zip file with the data folder in the above Skyrim file.
-If asked about overwriting older Dread Prison Update files, say yes to all (copy and replace).
-Launch Skyrim and click on "Data Files", make sure the Dread Prison files you have are in the correct load order as seen below.

Load Order:
In your load order make sure the Dread Prison mod files are in this order:

-Chinese Translation
-Japanese Translation
-Russian Translation

-Add-on 2-Cell Block Two-Adds a second cell block with 12 more cells for you to imprison more people.

-Dread Prison CRB Patch-Fixes race conflict with CRB mod.
-Dread Prison Custom Races Patch-Fixes race conflict with Custom Races mod.
-Dread Prison Moon and Star Patch-Fixes the exterior conflict between Moon and Star and Dread Prison.
-Dread Prison Ningheim Race Patch-Fixes race conflict with Ningheim Race mod.

-1.1-Fixed teleport spells, added "Free Prisoner" spell, updated torture chamber, fixed arrest spells, updated navmesh, fixed Dread Tower glitches, set up for female guards option in next update.
-1.2-Added female guards option, room markers added, Warden's Cell open-able, torture chamber updates, fixed Thalmor/Bandits not going to cells, added prison carriages, spell updates.
-1.2.1-Fixed control room problem.
-1.3-Fixed female guard problem, added arena spawn options, updated control room buttons.
-1.4-Added "Remove Items" spell, updated arrest spells, fixed release prisoner spell, updated for race patches.
-1.4.1-Fixed spells error.
-1.5-Added Draugr to the arena, added maximum security cells, added patrolling guards to cell block, added background music, changed armor for Imperial guards, fixed Dread Tower floor, designed groundwork for arrest spell overhaul.
-1.5.1-Fixes Draugr dead bodies in arena.
-1.6-Spell system overhaul, condensed mod down to 8 spells, patched for Add-on 2.
-1.7-Updated arena control system/added more options, added female torturers, script updates.


Oaristys and Tony67-Modders Resource Pack

Bethesda Game Studios-Creation Kit

Special thanks to Donkeywho and SecretzRUs for all the great feedback and support they have given me throughout the development of this mod!