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PerQ Demonstration Video

%%%%%%%%%%%%%% [ VERSION HISTORY ]
- Initial Release
- Optional Version, that requires Skill Level

%%%%%%%%%%%%%% [ DESCRIPTION ]
PerQ allows you to really customize your character based on Skill Perks, it removes the skill level requirement and perquisites (excluding ones that have Ranks, i.e: Alchemist (1/5) still require the first rank in order to receive the 2nd, 3rd etc etc rank and so forth)

Want to have Shield Charge, without having to go through the entire Block Skill Tree to recieve it? no problem as long as you have a perk point your able to obtain the ability and its ready for you to use it

%%%%%%%%%%%%%% [ INSTALL ]
NOTE - Make sure you have "Load Loose Files" enabled
Place [PerQ.esp] into your Skyrim/Data folder where all your .ESP mods go

%%%%%%%%%%%%%% [ CONFLICTS ]
Any addon that alters the Perk / Skill tree will conflict with PerQ

? Optional
Added Required Skill version of PerQ, do not mix the original with the optional one.. download only one version that you attend to use otherwise they will conflict with each other

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