Magicka and Stamina Combat Regeneration by Astark
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Added: 18/11/2011 - 10:54AM
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I recommend against using this mod (it still works fine), and instead installing skytweak or BYOG in ACE as it gives you exact control of what you want your setting to be:
ACE mods:

I'll leave this up as some may just want a simple solution without all those extra's (and there is literally zero chance this mod will ever be incompatible with any other).

Normally in combat your magicka and stamina regeneration is much slower than it is outside of combat - this mod simply allows you to increase this in-combat rate.
The default value for in combat regeneration for magicka is 33% of that normal.

So the x3 :: 100% magicka file makes your in combat and out of combat magicka/stamina regen exactly the same. The 500% value, would mean that when not in combat you'd regen at your nomal rate, but in combat you'd regen 5 times faster than normal.

Install Instructions

Pick a file, use the mod manager.

Or Manually: Just copy one magicka and/or one stamina file to your skyrim "data" directory - which will be in your steam folder/steamapps/skyrim
You then need to open your skyrimprefs.ini in [username]/documents/my games/skyrim
Then under [launcher] edit "bEnableFileSelection" to =1.
Finally when you go to launch skyrim, make sure the file is ticked in the "datafiles" option before you click play.

1x is the default regeneration in combat for vanilla skyrim, equal to 33% of your regeneration when not in combat.

5 options:
1.5x faster :: 50% of normal regen rate. So You regenerate more magicka, but it's still slower in combat.
3x faster :: 100% of normal regen rate. This makes magicka regen the same in combat and out of combat
4.5x faster :: 150% of normal regen rate*
6x faster :: 200% of normal regen rat)*
15x faster :: 500% of normal regen rate (stupidly fast regen - pretty much cheat level)*
* this means you regen magicka faster in combat then out of it.

Reduce Magicka regen
3x slower :: 10% of normal regen rate. Very slow magicka regen.
30x slower :: 1% of normal regen rate. Almost no Magicka regen in combat - best used in combination with other mods that give larger magicka pools.

As above but with 4 options
[1x is default :: 35%]
1.5x faster :: 50% (up from 35%)
3x faster :: 100% - in combat and out of combat stamina regen are now the same.
6x faster :: 200% - In combat regen is twice as fast as normal regen
15x faster :: 500%

health regen rate does not seem to work - sorry guys.

Install order note: BOSS puts this mods below many mods than change the same setting (almost any magic rebalance mod), if you find it isn't working, ignore BOSS and move it to a higher priority.